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This was uploaded onto Patreon on Wednesday with the intention of uploading on Friday…then Speaking Out happened and it was absolutely not the time for it. Some days have passed and I realise that there’s not going to be a ‘good’ day to post this so I at least wanted to get this online for the people who want a cheap laugh to get through lockdown. I have no clue what’s going to happen to wrestling and I don’t have any answers, but I apologise for supporting and promoting so many fucking horrible people for so long.


Tribute by Tenacious D

Funky Stadium by Asuka Ohta & Ryo Nagamatsu (Mario Kart Wii)

Tool World by Matt Furniss (Zool, Mega Drive)

Slope by Yoko Shimomura (Super Mario RPG)

Thanks To…

The Voros Twins for the fabulous intro

The Broken Prince for the hard table

Something To Wrestle With for the audio

JustRasslin for STEINNEERRR

Tom Campbell for the Greatest No Mercy Ever

Yugo Ryan for the Don’t Hug Me I’m Selling

thatretro for the Toy Story 2 & oranges

Remingsteele for piss

Raven Cyarm for Always Sunny In NXT

michael pepsiplunge for Free Otis ending

vinnyboiler for that Ronaldinho Soccer meme that’s still funny to me

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  • Bitchute link is kill.

  • PhilKesselBuffet


  • Tony Benne

    Billie Kay corpsing?!


  • As a fan of NIN… that Sexy Kurt/”Hurt” bit was hilarious. The Simpsons one is great. Undertaker talking about Hogan was funny as it proves how much of a cunt Hogan is.

  • JoPo

    Good point. Theres never a good day lately to have a chuckle or you come off as an insensitive prick.
    Thanks for the laughs, Maff! The wrestling scene changes but the notches will never end.

  • Robert Eddleman

    Great use of The D.

  • Fartman

    Both Bitchute and DailyMotion links are dead.

  • james armstrong

    Wrestlers openly support BLM and their racist views, but throw to the fire, men whom are merely having accusations against them. Why? Apparently skin tone matters. Maffew, you’re only one accusation away from having your reputation destroyed, don’t be so quick to judge the accused.

    • ViewtifulHero

      Considering the wrestling business much like any business is filled with assholes it’s pretty easily to believe a fraction of these guys are in fact assholes………especially when some of them admit it.

      Wrestlers openly support BLM and their racist views,

      Also LOL.

      • Dean

        If they, or any person in the public domain, cannot provide evidence to the contrary then they have to go with it. It’s another shameful movement created by twitter users who have grown up on social media and barely ever been in the real world, and when they have they’ve been on their phone. Just setting yet another poor precedent for the world as we continue to go backwards as a society.

        • ViewtifulHero

          ….If you’re talking about the BLM you clearly have no understanding of the movement, let alone the fight for Civil Rights in this country. The fact you seem the think the movement only exists because of social media and not from things like people that opposed slavery in the 1800’s or those that challenged segregation for most of the 1900’s is pretty damning.

          Just setting yet another poor precedent for the world as we continue to go backwards as a society.

          Now if you want to talk movements that emphasize the problem of regression we have the anti vaccine movement, we have these morons who don’t want to wear masks inside of public buildings,
          we have anti intellectualism which is an oldy, we have people who still think that religious beliefs shoild be the grounds for making laws against abortion or allowing individuals in the LGBTQ community to be legally discriminated against because of their sexuality.

          • Dean

            I’m talking about the speaking out movement in relation to social media users. For the BLM organisation, that’s an even more shameful movement. I have a very clear understanding of it and it doesn’t have anything to do with civil rights, which was protested and rioted on during a time when racism was a serious problem, but today this made up and exaggerated fantasy land stuff promoted by the news over the years that racism is a current massive problem when it isn’t. BLM is an organisation that repeatedly finds and creates race issues wherever it can, and Floyd isn’t the first time they’ve done it. They made a massive race issue out of something that was a police conduct/brutality issue, not a race issue. No part of Floyd’s death was racially motivated other than the fact one officer was white and he was black, that’s it. So instead of addressing police conduct, they’re addressing “racism” in general, which I’m sure pleased the police and the government no end that it deflected from a real serious issue they would’ve had to deal with. There is more racism now because of BLM than 40 years ago, and as long as BLM exists racism will continue to increase as a problem, the less issues they find the less relevant they’ll be, and they are an organisation that want to exist. BLM – in a similar way with feminists – don’t want equality, they want it other way around, and in the case of recent times, they promote anti-white which ironically is racist. Meeting perceived racism with racism doesn’t help anything or anyone.

            The vaccine movement and not wearing masks is damaging as you say, but they are small minorities of people, and compared to the damage BLM and other social justice movements do, it’s a drop in the ocean. LGBT has turned fairly sour over the years into activists just wanting rainbow zebra crossings and steps, rainbow police cars, flying pride flags everywhere and then saying you’re homophobic if you say no e.g. where I live they allowed a pride march down the main street with pride flags everywhere, historic moment, but then demanded a pride flag to be flown on council buildings which was voted down, their response was that it was poor and not supportive of the gay community and implied homophobia, no flag but the country flag flies on the council. LGBT just like BLM are organisations which always want to exist, so these issues will always be there in their eyes no matter what. People still do marches for women’s rights in 2020 for god’s sake. I’m not religious, but I shudder to think what the world would be like without religion, western society would likely still be close to that of the wild west.

          • Dean

            I did reply, although it isn’t showing, Disqus probably has the same comment censoring over benign words as youtube. Civil rights was already fought for and exists, the idea that some compare it to the civil rights stuff in the 60’s is hilarious. Those movements you mentioned are so minor and niche, they aren’t causing the same negative impact that BLM has done in the past and has done this year. BLM is an organisation who want to find race issues to stay relevant.

          • ViewtifulHero

            Civil rights was already
            fought for and exists,

            You do know that in recent years we’ve seen things like the Supreme Court actually weakening voting laws in addition to states making cumbersome laws that disproportionately affect black Americans making harder for them to vote. This is on top of the issue of racial profiling that’s been around since the end of slavery.

            So even with Civil Rights being a thing it’s been undermined in many ways by a bunch of self serving, racist people with nothing better to do. Let’s not even touch upon other examples like attempts to ban abortion and restrict access to birth control and civil forfeiture laws which also have the tendency of trampling over people’s rights.

            the idea that some compare it to the civil
            rights stuff in the 60’s is hilarious. Those movements you mentioned are
            so minor and niche, they aren’t causing the same negative impact that
            BLM has done in the past

            ……Many [racist] white people viewed the Civil Rights movement as such a threat to the point that they assaulted, imprisoned, & killed demonstrators in addition to labeling some of them as anarchists & communists which isn’t too far from the same idiots who think BLM are also communists and anarchists.

            So going back to my earlier comment you don’t know what you’re talking about. Either when it comes to history or current issues.

            and has done this year. BLM is an organisation
            who want to find race issues to stay relevant.

            It’s easy for race issues to become and stay relevant when you have a specific group of people who want to demonize non white people, ensure they never succeed in life, while openly encouraging racist beliefs and behavior.

            This isn’t an issue of BLM’s creation it’s a creation of racist white people (and their sycophants) who still think this is the era of Jim Crow.

          • Dean

            I disagree with your thoughts, if you wish to believe what you believe then it makes no real difference to me, and I can see there is no point in spending any further time on it.

          • ViewtifulHero


  • Glendalen Jacobs

    Ah, the Space Ninja by Patrick Phelan (from 4:26 to 5:59). It’s good to hear it again like in Lotus III – The Ultimate Challenge.

  • Dean

    Why are you apologising for promoting people based off of mere accusation? You apologise for that, but not for promoting and supporting the idea that people should lose their jobs over someone’s words alone? Unless someone has evidence directly contradicting the accusation, they have to go with it. Society really is taking an even poorer turn, it won’t be long before we start burning people at the stake again, or similar. The sooner SJW’s die out and social media in general hits the fan, the better we’ll all be. Btw many thanks for the upload, although Youtube is the only link working.