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Let’s walk toward the universe by Hiroaki Sano (Division Guardian: Twinkle-Star)

Airship Fortress by Shinobu Tanaka (Mario Kart DS)

Thanks To…

Odie Kenodi for the fabulous intro

MLP_Shad for pointing out the 2K18 audio

Self-hating Jusin Valencia for the ICW NY table

Vinny Rattlocke for himself

Jen Louise for the lovely reading

kimberly magnuson for the amazing Metalocalypse ending

Remi Steele for continuing the GTA Robert Stone feud

Steve Williams/aeonlinear for his magnum opus


Summerslam was way better than expected (if you can stomach the Thunderdome, overly-lit, fake crowd production) in terms of in-ring action. NXT was better than Portland too and I don’t know why people were tweeting me “hey lots of stuff for Botchamania!” during the ladder match because a sunset flip wasn’t perfectly hit. It’s a five man ladder match, not Gotch/Hackenschmidt.

AEW Dynamite has been a blast too, I’m glad I’m here to point out the negatives when wrestling is very slowly crawling back to normal.

Covering the Thunderdome shit-posting is fun because it means I get to preach HEY NOW, SHOWING KKK & EXECUTION CLIPS IS TOO FAR when I’m sat at home laughing at Benoit’s sudden re-appearance. We’ve all got our different sensibilities I guess and maybe I’m getting old but I think shit-posting with stuff like Mike Awesome or DSP clips or even K-Pop fancams is funnier than Liveleak clips.

Far Cry 3 Never Die.

Hope you enjoy Jen Louise, I’m trying to feature more than just the same five pale UK lads that dominate YouTube videos. And she’s good crack (when she’s not promising to drink you under the table followed by going home first).

“why’s there two different full-screen YouTube videos?” OH THAT’S A GOOD QUESTION. The first one went up fine then was unavailable for a few days despite it saying “PUBLIC” in the settings. Apparently this happened to a few other people so it was an internal YouTube issue so I uploaded another one…and then the other one got fixed and became visible again. So there’s two and they’re both the same.

And if you don’t believe me, watch them both. One after the other.

Oh and this is a week after it was first uploaded, because the site died on it’s arse after I tried updating the SSL Certificate so I had to wait for BlueHost to fix it.

Tony Khan took one long at it and decided it was OK.

List Of Companies And Where To Find Them…

WWE Network can be used for Asuka vs. Bayley & Sasha and that’s it

The Taz Show (aka AEW Dark) can be found here

ICW New York can be followed here (but don’t follow them into the barn)

AWR – Asylum Wrestling Revolution for your falling-down needs

I’m banned from GCW but you can go there just fine

83 Weeks can be listened to here

Jen Louise loves Bucky and getting followers on twitter

That’s your lot, here’s your usual Twitter & FaceBook links and keep yourself safe until next video

  • Technically, Mike McGuirk was a ring announcer and not a commentator, wasn’t she? But…. I do remember that Susan Saint James was a commentator at Wrestlemania 2, so maybe they forgot about her instead?

    And in “truth is stranger than fiction” news, Susan Saint James is married to Dick Ebersol, long-time Vince collaborator.