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Chain Chomp Roulette by Asuka Ohta & Ryo Nagamatsu (Mario Kart Wii)

Thanks To…

Marcus Everett (aka IWA-MS Elbow guy) for the fabulous intro

atnpgo on reddit for the dick fall

1flym for the Saint’s Row “You Talk Too Much”

BK Falco for the Summerslam spot-call I missed last video

toveluv for being funny

Richard Land for the ring breaking

Woolie Versus for the beautiful line-reading

Remi Steele for the Clone High & Mortal Kombat endings

Matt Myers for the always appreciated Evangelion content

Johanna Swanson for the Muppets ending

Charles Chase making his long awaited return


I wouldn’t usually use this much BTE but them making fun of The Biggest Botch Of The Year and Trent?’s Mum making everyone die laughing were too good to not use.

No table moments this episode because there weren’t any available but Roman’s I AM THE HEAD OF THE TABLE is custom-fit for it.

I know there’s been three (THREE) matches on WWE TV to end prematurely (Mickie vs. Asuka, Hurt Business vs. Viking Raiders and A & A, last night’s Street Profits vs. A & A) but i’m only using the Asuka one for the “ha Mickie’s acting was so good it tricked the ref” because I try and avoid real injuries.

The Ivelisse vs. Thunder Rosa match may have turned into SUPER-SHOOT MEGA-REAL but they edited so much of it out that the only remarkable bit of the match was the indifferent hold during the picture-in-picture. I don’t know what’s going on with the two of them but Ivelisse completely blanking out during the tag rematch the following week was amazing.

And if those weren’t good enough, there was also Miro’s in-ring debut to enjoy because after months of nothing, the botch dam has been struck open and it’s spraying bad wrestling everywhere, hoorayyyy.

But at the same time Clash of Champions was way better than expected, mostly thanks to TOPLESS ROMAN.

List Of Companies And Where To Find Them…

WWE Network can be used for Roman vs. Uso and that’s it

AEW Dynamite can he enjoyed here

The Taz Show (aka AEW Dark) can be found here

Being The Elite is a thing

Game Changer Wrestling continues to social distance and clean ropes (then destroy dudes with tables and glass)

Something To Wrestle With can be followed here

That’s your lot, here’s your usual FaceBook and Twitter links and keep yourself safe until next video

  • Zanon23

    10/10 video. Roman wanted balls, so he went for the Irish guy, as most would tbh.

    I still can’t understand how Turner Network are still allowing AEW to remain on-air. I mean, WWE’s “main roster” is trash TV but AEW, since January, became way, way worse. From botches, to nonsensical angles and match moments that have no place in wrestling. It’s a clown fest. They lost me as a fan, entirely. And boy it gets worse every week.

    Shoutouts to Ring of Honor, pretty much the only company giving us decent wrestling to watch and enjoy without the indierrific trash the other two promotions are churning out.

    • Leo Grant

      I still can’t understand how Turner Network are still allowing AEW to
      remain on-air. I mean, WWE’s “main roster” is trash TV but AEW, since
      January, became way, way worse. From botches, to nonsensical angles and
      match moments that have no place in wrestling. It’s a clown fest. They
      lost me as a fan, entirely. And boy it gets worse every week.

      AEW is way worse than the company that has bad storylines, bad matches, bad commentary, bad gimmicks, worthless titles which has been a problem for 18 years and is run by a guy who thinks erectile dysfunction and fart jokes is funny. And whose flagship show is getting the same ratings their TV shows were getting back in the early to mid 90s?


      • Zanon23

        I provided examples on why I said what I said. You criticise my opinion by offering nothing in return?

        AEW has their commentators bury their non-trained “performers” in every single show, on live TV.

        AEW’s main Title means nothing since it changed hands. Moxley only has a flashy entrance, his ring-work is passable but he isn’t “Top guy” material. He wasn’t in WWE, he isn’t in AEW. Not when you have guys like Pac and MJF in the company.

        AEW’s TV Title is a joke, considering it was introduced before any other title was even made relevant.

        AEW’s tag titles are bad, and any chance of them getting any legitimacy died when the titles changed hands aboard that botchfest of a cruise. The only decent teams they have there are the Revival and SCU, and no other team can even perform at half of their level. And no, The Young Bucks aren’t wrestlers: They were horrible in TNA, they still are horrible to this day. They don’t know how to sell – and most of the time they no-sell their opponents’ moves -, they don’t know how to tag and their in-ring work is not appropriate for a wrestling show that wants to have worldwide appeal.

        AEW’s women’s title died the moment they crowned Riho as its inaugural champion and allowed her to stay away from TV for months while holding it. None of their women knows how to wrestle or is an established name.

        AEW’s storylines get interrupted and resumed at random points in time, and this is when they have a storyline – the only ones they had were Moxley v Jericho and Cody v MJF.

        You talk about WWE having bad gimmicks, but the only bad gimmick WWE has – which AEW promptly copied – is the Street Profits, and they suck just as much as Private Party. Although WWE doesn’t have: a guy with
        the hands in his pockets that not only can’t hit the ropes, but he also can’t do a snapmare or a leg sweep without fucking it up. A fat slob running a joke stable that no one believes in anymore with a bearded guy that has no charisma whatsoever. A
        depressed Alcoholic cowboy that can’t cut a promo to save his life. A team of goofs that are worried about someone’s mom’s van. A guy – who calls himself “The Bad Boy” but no one really knows why, one can only assume it’s because he’s actually bad at the wrestling thing – with moobs and 9-year-old girly hair from 1970s movies with no talent whatsoever that teams up with a person that, although is athletic, can’t pull off the most basic of wrestling manoeuvres. A guy that takes his skate everywhere. A “Dinosaur” and a 4ft tall kid that never had any form of wrestling training. Librarians. An Alien. Rick Knox, probably the worst referee in wrestling right now. A masked commentator whose wrestling knowledge is so limited that he has to resort to vomit reddit content on commentary so the company’s core audience is appeased to.

        AEW doesn’t explain half the shit they put on TV, people change allegiances without it ever being explained.

        AEW debuts people, then never shows them again, and when they do, they’re either struggling to defeat a guy that never had any sort of proper training (Archer vs Janela) or the person debuting loses all the momentum by being defeated in their first match.

        AEW keeps putting on circus-like content on TV – Orange Cassidy, Private Party, Best Friends, Janela/Sonny Kiss – in which everyone everyone involved looks bad and makes everyone else associated with the product look phoney by association.

        AEW didn’t condemn nor punish Jericho for touring with his band during a pandemic, being part of the reason why a 200k+ hotbed of new infections happened soon after.

        AEW on a good day doesn’t have half the ratings RAW and Smackdown! have on a bad day.

        NXT at least is consistent in terms of promos, feuds, angles and matches.

        WWE talent don’t sabotage their co-workers on live TV, and it wasn’t just Ivelisse in AEW, there are more cases.

        WWE isn’t promoting the shitty, career ending hardcore matches/promotions by giving air time to people like Luther – and many others before with the same background – or allowing talent to jump off bridges, for free, on live TV.

        WWE doesn’t spread their storylines and content between Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook. You don’t need to be watching the company on a handful of social media platforms to even attempt to understand what’s going on in their company. You get all on TV.

        Overall, WWE’s presentation is much more professional than AEW’s, both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of in-ring work, whereas AEW’s product is made to look as flashy as WCW’s but with the quality of a backyard wrestling show in terms of actual wrestling. Yes, Vince McMahon is a fuckwit, WWE’s main roster product sucks – I never said otherwise – but AEW is, at best, as good as Russo’s WCW was. And that’s not a compliment.

        NXT might be considered boring for some, but that’s what happens when people become too used to indie matches having spotfests for matches and their attention span is reduced to “I only want to see high spots, top rope jumps and tables being broken”.

        • Leo Grant

          You provided examples that show how full of shit your opinion is not helprf by your multi paragraph response that very likely does little to reinforce how dumb your comments are.

          AEW has flaws no one disputes that but it being worse than WWE which has been churning out and doing the same shit long before AEW was even a mere concept is why your opinion is dumb.

          • Zanon23

            So let me get this straight, right.

            You see you have no argument to be made, so you have to go for insults, before you realize that you can’t compare AEW’s content to WWE’s current content, so you just decide to arbitrarily compare it to content WWE doesn’t put on TV anymore because “reasons”?

            Totally logical.

            NXT wasn’t made to make money for WWE, unsure why that is even a point you’re trying to make, when my point is the quality of the content and the performers in both companies. All of the wrestlers in WWE are professionally trained. In AEW you have just a few of them that actually had proper training and actually have accolades to their names, whereas the rest of them never did anything other than hardcore and comedic trash in both CZW and PWG.

            Unsure what Summerslam 2010 and SS 97 have anything to do with 2019-2020 content. Also unsure what 90s and early 00s WWE TV has to do with the subject either. AEW didn’t exist back then, and WWE has stopped putting that kind of content out. So i don’t know why you’re bringing it up when it isn’t something they’re actively doing. You are essentially saying AEW is late 90s/early 00s Trash TV WWE, which so happens to be when Russo was around. So it’s alright for AEW to do and for people to like it because WWE did it in the past, but it isn’t alright that WWE did it in past…? What? Keep it to 2019-20, don’t skew and twist the points to favour your bias. I already said myself I don’t care about WWE other than NXT, nor care about AEW anymore, and as I stated, I started out as a fan of theirs until they decided to become an Alternative WWE.

            Yes, the 24/7 title is trash, unsure what that has to do with promoting career ending hardcore matches. Last time I checked, pinning someone in a hotel room isn’t as dangerous as DDTing someone through a barbed-wire table.

            So Retribution – a thing that Literally just started recently – makes no sense? I haven’t watched it, but I think it’s too premature to say something that has had no time to develop “makes no sense.” YOu know what makes no sense? Dark Order.

            Yes, Reddit Trolls have been calling for Cole and Dunn to be fired for decades, same people that have been calling for CM Punk to return, for Cena to go away, for Roman to die. Is Kevin Dunn a problem? Yeah he sucks, the random zoom ins suck, the stupid camera switching every 5 seconds suck, but the only reason he has a job has 2 names: Vince McMahon. He’ll be out once Vince dies/drops WWE. Yet AEW is guilty of the exact same things, and worse: frequently showing the no-contact moves. As far as I can remember, that only happened once in all 3 WWE shows since AEW debuted. Go figure.

            Who is “everyone” that shits on the PC style of wrestling, when all they learn there are the basics or refining/polishing moves, in terms of indie veterans? If by “everyone” you mean yourself and the WWE rejects like Ryback, that’s silly. Not even Dave Meltzer says a bad thing about the PC, and he’s the biggest AEW mark out there.

            Yes, AEW looks like a mix of WCW and backyard wrestling, in terms of production and in-ring action respectively. I’ve lived through over a decade of watching WCW, and I’ve seen the kind of shit some of AEW’s performers did and do in other promotions. And yes, AEW’s booking is just as good as Russo’s stints in WCW and early TNA before he got his ass fired the first time.

            I can agree with you that Sable and Kat weren’t trained properly and were just eye-candy (Then again, Russo’s WWE), and Stephanie to an extent. Maybe if we consider that Nia Jax is too green and was pushed to the main roster sooner than she should’ve, sure, I give you that. But the others? Nah. Carmella especially, she improved a lot from TV show to TV show.

            Are you telling me that Riho slamming someone that’s 3 times her weight – effectively making Nyla look like trash on TV – is alright? All the while Riho barely defended the title or showed up on TV while holding it? Aside the ones I previously outlined, all others defended their titles when they were holding it and were on TV Regularly.

            Okay so let’s outline gimmicks:
            – Retribution (a thing that has had no time to develop and people on reddit and british youtube channels devoted to wrestling are already shitting on) > Dark Order (something that made no sense in the beginning and it’s just dragging and dragging every week);

            – Otis current gimmick: funny, you are probably one of those people that were for it when they started it. But yes, it’s bad. Then again, AEW has a drunk cowboy, so I am not sure why people are ok with one but not the other.

            – Seth Rollins current gimmick. Brody Lee says hi.

            – One-Eyed Rey Mysterio. Huh so one-eyed Rey is bad, but one-eyed Moxley was alright?

            – Constable/King Corbin: Constable, yeah it was bland. What’s the problem with King Corbin now? He’s a good promo, he’s a good in-ring performer. For me it just seems like people don’t know what a heel is anymore.

            – Akira Tozawa > Michael Nakazawa?

            – Crazy R-Truth? So he was fine a few months ago, but now he isn’t? Hmmm.

            Io turned heel by beating up Candace LeRae on TV. Not on Being The Elite, not on Instagram, not on Twitter, not on Facebook, not on Youtube, not on Twitch.
            WWE’s content mostly stays on TV or on their website, which is fair. They *rarely* go out of their way to do shit on Social Media that people won’t see on TV. And
            the last time I remember that happening was the Mixed Match Challenge, which had barely to no influence in their TV storylines.

            Well, AEW quietly punished Excalibur for something stupid he said over 15 years ago, they punished Sammy Guevara for being a twat on a podcast 4 years ago, why would Jericho be immune to punishment for doing something that’s objectively worse than what the other two did?

            And no, WWE never “standardized” what “wrestling is supposed to be.” So
            much so WWE’s ratings stopped reaching the 3 to 6 million viewers they used to reach because people massively rejected their product – that’s why they’re
            rarely above the 2m mark even for the rare good show their main roster puts
            out. Seeing you are comparing shit to the past, do note that AEW getting
            800k on average, with the rare occasion where they just break past 1, doesn’t compare to RAW’s average in 2019 (2.4m), and it’s *nothing* compared to May 10th 1999 edition of RAW, broke the 8m mark, and WWE’s product was mediocre at best. RAW in 2019 averaged 2.4m viewers. So you saying AEW will “catch up” to them is nothing but wishful thinking. Unless they stop promoting people like Jericho, Janela, Sonny Kiss, Brody Lee, Best Friends and Orange Cassidy and start putting out actual wrestling (“sports based” content, as they promised…), they won’t ever take over RAW. Maybe the odd show, but consistently? Nah, won’t happen, unless WWE just goes under, which is quite unlikely.

            If you want actual proper wrestling content, watch Ring of Honor.

          • giftofgab247

            lol, you AEW chud. “It’s everything WWE isn’t!” Okay. Pretty low bar to set for themselves. Brodie Lee is nothing since leaving WWE. Cody pretends to be HHH and nobody is falling for it. They want to be WWE so bad they can’t stand it. So go on, get down on your knees and suck Cody’s knacker neck tattoo.

          • Leo Grant

            Brodie Lee is nothing since leaving WWE

            What was Brodie Lee in WWE other than a guy who was just Bray Wyatt’s lackey?

            Cody pretends to be HHH and nobody is falling for it.

            Which is funny considering how the people who now praise Triple H were the same ones complaining about him and his shovel years before he replaced John Laryngitis as the guy that scouts talent and oversees the company’s developmental territories. Which is made even more funny by the fact that Triple H gets to scout guys who’ll either never make it to the main roster or do and 9 times out of 10 get undermined by Vince which only makes him look bad.

            How’re they similar again?

            They want to be WWE so bad they can’t stand it.


            They want to be like a company whose TV ratings went from 3’s & 4’s to 2’s & 1’s?

            They want to be like a company who repeatedly disappoints their audience with poorly built up PPV’s with matches made the week before or on the day of the PPV, which also suffer from fucked up finishes?

            They want to be like a company who in spite of being run by a guy whose been a wrestling fan since the 1950’s/1960’s doesn’t know how to run a wrestling company in 2020?

            They want to be like a company whose so desperate for relevance half the titles are garishly emblazoned with the company logo or has some other shitty design (the copper penny tag belts)?

            They want to be like a company who for no reason overproduces their commentators leading to shitty commentary?

            They want to be like a company who has a production guy who doesn’t understand that constantly cutting from camera, to camera, to camera make it hard to follow the action going on in the ring.

            They want to be like a company who in the last year has replaced the writers of both their TV shows because the guy in charge doesn’t believe he’s the problem with the booking?

            They want to be like a company who has trot out 50 somethings to eat up TV or wrestle in bad matches?


            So go on, get down on your knees and suck Cody’s knacker neck tattoo.

            Nah I’ll suck off your mother while you suck a dick.

          • giftofgab247

            You just said you’d suck a dck so that’s on you, boi.

            What was Brodie before? A whole lot better and more entertaining than his Vince ripoff. Maybe he can stop corpsing for 2 seconds and actually commit to an angle? No? Just keep corpsing over Sue and her bad acting, stay in charge of the Dork Order? Yeah. Suck it.

            HHH has a shovel, yeah. He still uses it on occasion. The difference is Cody started AEW to not be like WWE and that’s exactly what they decided to become. Ooo, so forward thinking. Also, Cody has buried more talent in 6 months than HHH has in a year. Lance Archer? Shawn Spears? Eddie Kingston? I think you get the point. Eat it chud.

            Yes, they do want to be like a company that pulls 1s and 2s. Because that’s exactly what they’re doing. Dropping people in tubs of orange juice? How about a ppv match on a football field? A terrible MJF swerve where everyone knew beforehand he was a chickensht heel so his turn on Cody surprised absolutely zero people? You and the other All Friends cheerleaders are the only frat chuds keeping it afloat because you think it’s “a funny parody”. AEW blows.

            They don’t need to overproduce their commentators. AEW has terrible commentary all by itself with no help from WWE. But of course you ignore it because you suck AEW’s stiffy so long you’re used to the taste. Every week, JR, Tony, Excalibur and Tazz produce garbage commentary all on their own. Nice try though, fanboy.

            It’s so easy to destroy you All Friends trashbags. So go on out, get your Chris Jericho AEW figure from Wal Mart, grab that plastic AEW prop belt while you’re at it, and pretend like it’s changing the business when all it’s doing is being yet another pimple on the ass of the industry. Choke on it.

        • Nunna Dis Matters

          I’m glad you’re not writing academic essays, this slop would get a D+ and that’s being considerate

          • Zanon23

            Good thing it isn’t supposed to be an academic essay on Discus, then. Okay then, now that you got your redditor critique out of the way, explain to me how the lack of formatting invalidates the point I made, because so far all I got was a weak insult attempt and then someone saying “AEW is not bad because they’re doing the crap content WWE made in the 90s and early 00s.”, followed by a “something something D+ academic” rating of what I posted.

          • Nunna Dis Matters

            it reads like shit; whatever point you’re trying to make is lost deep in this dribbel. I have no skin in the game of aew vs wwe, but if you’re going to fanboy like you’re floundering about, at least put some thought into it if you want people take you quasi-seriously (which you seem to do based on the insane amount of write-up you did saying practically nothing)

    • Why are you praising a company that gave their world championship to mediocrity and had a couple of bums invade MSG that ended up being nothing?

  • Look at my Ken, my Ken is an asshole
    Give him a mic (he hails from Green Bay, Wisconsin)
    With the stroke from refrain, he turns into a main
    And then he turns back again when he performs this suplex (ooh, Ort’s angry)
    Do you think so? Well, I better not show you where the Cena heat is made
    Mr. Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy, Mr. Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy

    Get on my Ken! he’ll take you round the Universe and Jeff Jarrett’s Galaxy, too!
    (I think you’ll find Vince’s universe pretty much covers everything)
    Shut up, asshole, get on my Ken

  • senatorjc

    Please tell me there’s a full version of the Imperium(Symphony no.9)/WAP mashup

  • That Jericho-Mimosa ending was great. I would love to hear anyone read an excerpt on Jericho’s books. I hope Solomonster does one.

  • QueenSizedCharlotte

    RIP to Eddie Van Halen, the man behind the instrumental “Corpsing? Send for the Man” segment.. and a ton of other rock hits.

  • Andrew J. Guerrero

    Bro, that Walter WAP slaps