The New Generation Project Podcast – Wrestlemania XI

The New Generation Project Podcast – Wrestlemania XI

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Celebritymania AKA ‘Wrestlemania XI’ is the show being reviewed in Episode 13 of The New Generation Project Podcast Featuring more shouty promos than we’ve ever had before, Cyndi Lauper vs Muhammed Ali vs Liberace, the history of Lawrence Taylor, the

NXT November 2014

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As fun as watching 2009 ECW is, it reminded me I’m behind on the modern-day version. So let’s recap November 2014!

ECW February 2009

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Continuing the run-through of this lovely little show. Part one here!

Botchamania 262

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Every time you watch Raw, you’re reminded to watch Botchamania and every time you watch Botchamania you’re reminded to wipe your arse. Anyway, here’s Botchamania 262: Tony Hawk’s Heath Slater 2!

Survivor Series 2014 & RAW!

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YOUR BOYS Jay Hunter & MAFFEW runs down the thrills, chills, spills and…pills? from Survivor Series & RAW afterwards! It’s a BRUCIE BONUS OSW review! Follow us on twitter! Maffew @Maffewgregg, Jay @OSWreview!