The New Generation Project Podcast – In Your House 3

The New Generation Project Podcast – In Your House 3

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Lives are gonna be in Waylon Mercy’s hands… In Episode 19 of ‘The New Generation Project Podcast’ we take a look at ‘In Your House 3’ and the very first ‘Triple Header’ match in WWF history. Including; your suggestions for

Botchamania 268

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The Fake Shemp in the bad film of wrestling, it’s Botchamania 268: D’Lo Or No D’Lo Music… Emergency Beat by Joseph Saba & Stewart Winter Dreamer by Yuzo Koshiro (Streets of Rage 2) The Surprising Adventures of Sir Digby Chicken

WWF Royal Rumble 2001!

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Your boys are back with the first part of the X7 Saga! Featuring HALL OF FAMER Drew Carey, The BOY RUMBLE and Kane’s floor mop! Still working on getting YouTube back, will have an update next week. mp3/iTunes of this episode

Hogan Jobbed To Fire

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Ever wondered what The New Generation Project Podcast is all about? This handy 4 minute video explains it for you.

Botchamania 267

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something something, Seth Rollins’ penis, it’s Botchamania 267: Seth Rollins’ penis! Music… Won’t Get Fooled Again by The Who STING CHAMELEAO STAGE by Setsuo Yamamoto (Mega Man X) Level 3 Theme by B. Fuller/D. Wise/H. Canon (Marble Madness) Who do