OSW Q&A Mailbag 2015!

OSW Q&A Mailbag 2015!

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OSW review answer your Qs in this new 3-Part Mailbag! Part 1: OSW, Part 2: Wrestling, Part 3: Everything else! Notes: Updates on YouTube/our new story arc/the STATE of OSW is in our blog posts!

The New Generation Project Podcast – In Your House 2

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Jeff Jarrett gets an entire Pay-Per-View built around him including a live musical performance and a genuine match of the year contender and then immediately fucks off – is it any wonder Vince has a fear of rejection? Yes, it’s

Most Botched Matches 2014

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2014 was a great year. For Botchamania.

AEPodcast – Armageddon 1999

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It’s ARMA….GEDDON 1999! Vince fights HHH, Rock ‘N’ Sock get back together, and Big Show Paul Wight is a big nasty bastard, and his Momma said so!

The New Generation Project Podcast – King of the Ring 1995

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King Of The Ring 1995 is the worst WWF Pay-Per-View of all time. Don’t watch it…. but do listen to The New Generation Project Podcast review it! Like The New Generation Project Podcast on Facebook Follow them on Twitter And for