The Art of Wrestling Animated

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Added by October 5, 2012

I enjoy these short, weird things. Also Sheiky makes a FAA- appearance.

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Wrestling is

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‘Wrestling Is’ have asked me to start contributing to their little series focused on the little moments in wrestling that remind us why we enjoy watching it in the first place.
For my first instalment I’ve chosen WWE Champion CM

Wrestling Is!

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Not as exciting as CM Punk gushing over Cowboy From Hell but a good example of how far respect can go.

  • LiamInDevon

    this is incredible!!!

  • TerranRich

    I love how Cabana is constantly smiling in these videos. That’s exactly how he sounds like during these podcasts, too, like he’s always grinning.

  • 1 2

    ¬†Hahahaha. I’ve seen a few of these, and they’re hilarious – the Nigeria story and the Steiner ones are brilliant. I use AOW for gym/ bus rides / pretty much any time to kill. The Truth Martini one is just terrifying.

    On a vaguely related note, I looked at Jack Swagger’s Wiki page today (long story) and found this gem

    “Hager attended the University of Oklahoma as a two sport athlete, participating in both football and wrestling where he held a record of the biggest genital of the University.”

    Is this an American thing I’m missing, or just creative rewiki-ing? Either way, I’m still laughing.