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Free from HostGator at last!

HostGator were good 3/4 of the time I was with them and I never had any serious ¬†issues until the last few months. Then every time an update took place, HostGator 404’d and made everybody Tweet me asking why the site was down.

Those 404 Errors wouldn’t be too big of an issue until two weeks ago and the site just died on it’s arse like the last days of Elvis. After contacting them several times and bugging them on Twitter, nothing was done so I switched to BlueHost.

Fingers crossed, eh?

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So far, it’s a success. Oh, and you don’t need any proxies if you’re abroad. All you do is sign-up, say you live in USA on the form, use PayPal and that’s it. No VPN/Proxy trickery needed.

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