Botch of the week #3

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Added by July 22, 2012

Maybe not the best botch but someone made a video of it so HEY, why not. Plus it features one of my favourite things about TNA (Robbie E) and one of my least (Jeff Hardy).

It would be mean to feature Lord Tensai and Sin Cara because they’re going to be all over the next BM anyway.

Honourable Mentions: Bruce Springsteen showing up late to his duet with Paul McCartney resulting in him being cut off before he’d finished, The Miz making his big return and none of my mates realising he’d even left, finding out Gabe used to word-filter the word ”Youtube” on the ROH Wrestling Forums to ”STEALING MONEY”, the briefcase attachment breaking before Cena grabbed it.


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This story…
An LLC based out of New York named “Mocker” registered to trademark “ECW” for wrestling use in March. WWE apparently let the trademark slip, and the registration was assigned to an examiner earlier this week.
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  • mymorningjoe

    another instant classic!

  • Danny Damage

    I saw this last night and laughed pretty hard.  Not one for Jeff Hardy loving either. 😛

  • Maturedsinner

    Honourable Mention: Living less than 30 minutes away from Columbine High School and not expecting some to try a run and gun.

  • roadhog29389

    That’s a pretty good one

  • GugoBYW

    Robbie E is one of the best things about TNA for real!

  • Christopher Anthony

    I used to hate Robbie E but now with Robbie T and the grandma sweaters the gimmick has won me over. He is a shitty wrestler though.

  • David Fullam

    What a bad ass! Taking a man down without hitting him!

  • Iotw

    Springsteen didn’t show up late though…

  • motherfunker

    Dude I just thought the Miz hasn’t been booked.