Botchamania 239

More surreal than Kane with real hair, it’s Botchamania 239: Meng In Black!

South Of The Grapevine by Wax Audio
Continue? by Masanori Ohuchi, Aki Hata, Masanori Adachi, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Michiru Yamane (Rocket Knight Adventures)
Area 7 by Some Guy (Blaster Master)

Thanks to…
Enrique the Superfan for the Anthony Nese intro
Codster9 for the ending.

Quick note…
If videos on YouTube get copyright infringements, that means they can’t be viewed on iPhones automatically. It’s not my decision, even if I do hate them.

Hell In A Cell had an awesome tag match and a decent main event aaaaaaand that was it.

  • ZerickX

    More surreal than summerslam sellings

  • Enrique Chimpman Martinez

    Watching this made me realize that the opening to the Hell in a Cell PPV was more interesting than 90% of the card.

  • Trey

    Nash actually matches “Look at the adjective” with a line just as dumb. This guy…

  • Mr_DJ

    Stoner Bros….possibly best parody ever

    • Franke Sisto


  • Chris – should this be in Botchamania ?

  • Fat Pat

    Thanks Maffew! You are the best!

  • Fucking Wagnalls.

    The appearance of Purple Aki near the start was incredible, holy shit.

    • Purple Aki


  • TheRealCitizenSnips

    Cool, but can we get back to what Botchamania is really about: reposted recaps of mid-80′s wrestling shows?

    • Fukhsana


  • Brian

    After the sideshow bob part when he has obvious botches like sids leg and shockmaster, what was the first one from? It looks like an old raw vs. smackdown match, but i don’t remember ever seeing that bitch, what happens?

    • MaffewOfBotchamania

      Ken Kennedy’s return match on Raw, where he dumped Orton on his neck and got released the next day.

  • oswreview

    Great to see a new Botchamania. The Simpsons atomic-bomb pause was just *mwah!* perfect!

  • Patrick Parkinson
  • Patrick Parkinson

    Check out the link below for new jack clip I mad. Thanks maffew

  • Richard Drungus

    hey maffew long time fan, you should post this on botchamania. A wrestling fan with a green screen teaches you how to make a ryeback rueben sandwich.

  • MPT

    Who’s the face at 1:15 and the part with squat for me? What do you mean by (R2)? I was at Hell in a Cell with my Botchamaniac sign and love the PPV a lot. I saw the main event and did not see Daniel Bryan miss. Where’s the audio for the Professional scene from? Who’s the old guy with the PWG?

  • MPT

    Kofi Deserves Better