Botchamania 253

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Added by July 20, 2014

Quick, watch this video before Emma stuffs it into her purse and buggers off out the shop.

Thank To…
AR Fox for the intro from PCW
WrestleFolks for the delicious advert
Twitter Bloke for KENTA messing up Double Stomp twice
Tri.Moon for Austin/Bret/Guard-rail Three Way Dance
george from macomb for Crowbar vs. Kanyon
YouTubeyPersonyPerson for RVD in City Guys
Codster9 for the third ending

E1M1 – At Doom’s Gate by Bobby Prince (Doom)
Menu Theme by Hirokazu Tanaka (Dr. Mario)
Black Skinhead (Iron Sheik Mix) by Kanye West
Facility by Grant Kirkhope (Goldeneye 007)
Look Back, See the Frog! by Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy IX)
Pause by Anamanaguchi (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World The Game)

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  • SheikTheGeek

    Liking the new site Maffew!

  • BX3

    “JBL has to point out that it was a DDT”
    I’ll be honest. The fact that JBL did something correctly on the table shocks me.

  • bob

    Holy shit, that ending had me in tears.

  • Daniel Mount

    I demand a Chris Kamara fighting like beavers joke.

  • Elvis Dolinski

    Jesus! how many commercials are there in a single episode

  • Jim Rome

    That Iron Sheik remix of “Black Skinhead”…amazing.

  • Bobbo

    slappers only

  • ManicDeluxe

    Reading FC getting mentioned on botchamania. The most success we’ll have this season. COME ON YOU ROYALS!!!

  • John

    Maybe I’m deaf and/or blind, but I don’t get the bit about 3 minutes in when the sound cuts out and it just says BENOIT on screen

    • John

      And/or not up on my wrestling knowledge. I’ve been out of it for years and am only just getting my interest back.

      • Kayl

        After Chris Benoit was revealed to have murdered his wife and kid, the WWE decided to completely strike him from their records and treat him as a non person. Since they cut the sound completely whenever someone swears, Maffew jokes they were saying his name all along.

  • Shake

    Kanye West has way too much money and way too much of a privileged life to be bitching about racism

    • NewGuy

      Check out some of the stuff Sol Campbell says if you really want to see “bitching about racism”.