Botchamania 255

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Added by August 3, 2014

As life-changing as the cancellation of Impact, it’s Botchamania 255: Mengcraft!

Thanks To…
Zachariah Ricci and Wrestling Rewind for the Wyatt-inspired advert
ICW’s Joe Coffey for the lovely intro.
SMV Guy for Astroman
Scott Reznor for Dewayne Bruce
Anthony Dalton for Party Crashers vs. Villain Crew

Warfare by Frank Klepacki (Command & Conquer)
Elevator (caverns) by Graeme Norgate (Goldeneye 007)
Depot by Graeme Norgate (Goldeneye 007)
E2M3 – Intermission from DOOM by Bobby Prince (Doom)
Special Stage by Masato Nakamura (Sonic the Hedgehog)

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  • Words Of Lightning

    That ending. I wouldn’t imagine Goldberg as a Pokemon though, he would more of a Roughneck trainer.

    And my God, Fandango is such a horrible dancer.

    • Guest

      The same way Jillian Hall is a terrible singer?

  • Quality Botcher

    Spoiler Alert: Cena Wins. Also, Randy Orton was the table the entire time!

    • Scott Steudler

      Seems like the table is trying to work over Orton lately. Nearly breaking Orton’s back at Mania with a monitor, and now this

      • Grindy

        Dem Computahs are out for Orton. Dey da futuah face of Dubba Dubba E.

  • Shake

    czw really is a dream

  • Guest


  • ClaudioEtto

    Vimeo account cancelled??

  • GetReadyToFlyAJ

    You botched the Fucking bullshit ending lol