Botchamania 262

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Every time you watch Raw, you’re reminded to watch Botchamania and every time you watch Botchamania you’re reminded to wipe your arse. Anyway, here’s Botchamania 262: Tony Hawk’s Heath Slater 2!


28 1372 7 Ah, Khali. It was weird to re-watch some 2006 for this video and be reminded how well booked he originally was. Beating The Undertaker with one foot on his chest, stealing Cena's title and having everyone bump

Botchamania 261

26 1991 5

The odd-numbered Star Trek film of wrestling, it’s Botchamania 261: The Wrath Of Corporate Kane!

Roundtable Wrestling Radio

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New Guy Week continues with RoundTable Wrestling Radio! This week they’re covering Lucha Underground, the show many, many people are probably talking about.

Botchamania 260

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The Aquaman of the Justice League of Wrestling, it’s Botchamania 260: MegaMeng X!