Video Gaming


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Day 2 of NEW GUY WEEK continues with something related to Botchamania, Video Game music.
The first ‘un posted here also has Castlevania music so it can’t be that bad.

WWE 2K15 for the Mega Drive

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The guy who made this sent this in.
I assumed it was a mod, but it’s all Photoshop according to him.
Blimey. It’s impressive to make the Mega Drive WWF games look like fun.

Nerdslam: NJPW Toukon Road Brave Spirits 2

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Player Uno & friends battle it out in NJPW Toukon Road 2 for N64!

NerdSlam: Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Stupefied makes Chocolate Chip Cookies and Pasquale takes up a habit.

NerdSlam: Bruschettas

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Dos makes Bruschettas & Pasquale makes bad dick jokes