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Gash Of The Champions.

A collection of crap from COTCs 1-10.

The first few are easily the best as they’re being used to sabotage Vince as best as possible. Wrestling doesn’t get much better than COTC VI (Steamboat vs. Flair) or IX (Flair vs. Funk).

But you’ve got to take the good with the bad, especially with Dusty Rhodes in charge. The Ding Dongs, Jack Victory under several different masks and Steven ”Jobber who got a 17 minute match” Casey.

So if you think this vid is full of crap, just wait until the next ones…

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  • Steven Flores

    The Dynamic Dudes were fucking crap. The Ding-Dongs…. they were atrocious.

  • HyperMolecular

    Hey- what is the song playing at: 12:37? I know it’s the theme song for an old cartoon I used to watch.

    • DW

      Can’t tell if you’re being serious or sarcastic. Either way, it’s the end credits theme for South Park.

      • HyperMolecular

        Nah- I was pretty serious! I have not watched that show in such a long time! Thanks!

  • Zuckerkorn

    9:22 – *climbing

  • David Fullam

    At first they spliced into the Saturday night show (which was pre taped well in advance) a special update post show that Sting had been injured by the Horsemen in some kind of attack either in the dressing rooms or parking lot. But then it became common knowledge that Sting destroyed his knee on the cage jump, and the “unprovoked attack” angle was quietly dropped.

  • Joe

    What’s the song playing at 8:05 during the Cactus Jack match?

  • dj ansi

    You forgot to mention that Russian Assassin II = The Blackmailer! Jack Victory did double duty that night.

  • Codster9

    I love how the old Clash of the Champions logo used the Gatorade lightning bolt.

  • MPT

    Music setlist please

  • Toohunndedennindyatepancase

    Hey Maffew I don’t know if you are familiar with soundboard prank calls but someone posted one on Youtube of the popular “bail bondsman” soundboard calling Jim Cornette:

  • Guest

    Sting blows out knee trying to climb cage and people make fun of Nash for fucking his quadriceps walking across the ring.

  • TheTWF

    Oh great, this was removed for both sources.

    Any chance for a download link?

  • Zachary Ortiz

    Will you ever re-upload this one again, Maffew?