CZWaMania 2005

More JESUS than JESUS, it’s JESUSaMania Two Thousand And JESUS.

The first of potentially MANY CZW-Flavoured Botchamanias, featuring Justice Pain, Nick Gage, Mike Quackenbush, Super Dragon, Excalibur, El Generico, Niles Young, Derek Frazier, Necro Butcher, Toby Klein, Chad Shaft, Ruckus, Eddie Kingston, Sabian, Beef Wellington, DJ Hyde, Jon Dahmer, Mad Man Pondo, Blood (but no leg), Gypsy Joe, Chris Bosh and many more.

Bomb Jack by Alberto Gonzalez
Star Fox 64 Boss Medley by GaMetal
The Stomp by The Hives
Cait Sith’s Theme by Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy VII)
Fight Fire With Fire by Metallica
Ride The Lightning by Metallica

2005 was a very good year for CZW. Shame everything went tits up at Cage of Death when Zandig (allegedly) took offence to the ROH feud commencing without his permission/awareness beforehand, resulting in Zandig (allegedly) threatening to no-show the main event of his own company and (allegedly) caused Mike Pancoast to fall down some stairs. Zandig promised to take things ”back to ’99 MOTHERFUCKERS” after the main event.

Other CZW Follies in 2005…

June 11, 2005 – CZW/IWA Double Header
In between IWA-MS’ “Something to Prove” and CZW’s “Violent By Design,” Pennsylvania state athletic commissioner Frank Talent’s car was run into outside of the building, to which the line waiting for the doors to open responded to with chants of “OHMAHGAWD” and “You fucked up.” After getting more heat than most matches in CZW, the woman driving the car decided to drive off without leaving her information, after numerous, random people in the line said it’d be totally cool.
During the IWA-MS portion of the double header, IWA-MS commentator Dave Prazak would ask CM Punk if he would be attending the CZW portion of the double header. CM Punk promptly replies with a reasonable but emphatic “Fuck no!”

July 9, 2005 – High Stakes 3
After a brutally awesome Fans Bring the Weapons match featuring Justice Pain & Nick Gage vs Necro Butcher and Toby Klein, the lights were set to go out setting the return of Nate Hatred. Well, the lights all went off, except for 1, which lit the entire ring fine by itself, while the crowd heard grumblings from the eagles nest “How the fuck do we turn that light off?” 30 seconds go by, the lights come back on, and Nate Hatred’s music plays acting as nothing happened prior.

July 30, 2005 – Tournament Of Death 4
During the Battle Royal, battle royal participant BLOOD would be eliminated by taking a clothesline over the top rope and into a shopping cart. As a result his left arm would get cut up pretty bad and his left leg got fucked up really bad. Post match footage on the DVD release would become one of the graphic scenes to ever be released on CZW home video.
In the tournament finals, Nick Gage suplexed John Zandig onto a bed of flaming glass propped between the guard rail and ring apron. Zandig sandbagged the suplex which caused Gage to slowly descend into the fire instead of smashing through it. Like a real genius, Nick Gage stayed put long enough for the fire to catch his t shirt, and the rest is history. History that smells like burning human flesh.
This tournament was originally suppose to be held at the ECW Arena, with hockey board type glass structures protecting the fans from the glass and other assorted plunder.
As this was the 10 year anniversary of the IWA KOTDM 1995, CZW chose to bring in the referee for the famous 1995 NRBW Cactus Jack vs Terry Funk match, Gypsy Joe, to referee the finals of the tournament. Wearing an intelligently chosen wardrobe of yellow speedos and a ref shirt, Joe would proceed to wander the ring in a confused state for the entire match. Clearly having no comprehension of the finish, Zandig had to repeatedly remind Joe to not count to 3. This failed miserably, and Joe counted to 3 multiple times throughout the contest.
Post-show, Gypsy Joe would be seen wandering the venue with no pants on and his testicles exposed.

November 12, 2005 – Night of Infamy 4
The main event Tai Pai match had to be changed to have JC Bailey replace Justice Pain because nobody bothered to ask Pain if he was willing to work a Tai Pai match. To cover this a friend of Pain’s was planted in the crowd and “attacked” Pain leading to Justice hitting him and being pulled out of the match.

December 10, 2005 – Cage Of Death 7
After the show Messiah had to force Super Dragon to go check on a concussed Ruckus, who had just been nice enough to drop the CZW Heavyweight Title to him.

  • Chris Wheeler

     Gypse Joe was a ref at the IWA KOTDM in 95, but he did not referee the Cactus Jack vs Terry Funk match.  Just sayin.

  • FakeDiesel

    Wow, these are some particularly hard to watch botches. Loving it, even if I can only take it in installments.

  • CleverTrousers

    Oh god by sides!!! Just about pissed my pants at the karate chop to the fan’s face.
    Also I had no idea Necro Butcher had such a smooth radio voice…

    • Cefcasans

       Hah, same. The voice does not go with the face.

  • Based Anon

    I used to work with Mike Pancoast. He’s a cool dude.

  • Jamie

    Whenever I see Justice Pain, I’m always surprised he never made it to a bigger stage. Then I watch the matches, and the surprise starts to fade.

    One thing in CZW’s favour, though — they have a wide variety of botches. Garbage match botches, MOVEZ~! botches, flippy botches, promo botches. Most promotions tend to focus on just one or two.

  • Reid

    I don’t care what anyone says. 2005 CZW was fucking awesome. Mike Burns is such an underrated genius of a booker.

  • cavalier 24601

    You see signs of real skill with some of these people but I wonder if they’ll ever go anywhere.  CZW is only a step up from yard wrestlers.  Did anyone from there every move to WWE, Impact, or ROH?  Or are they doomed to a (short) career of garbage wrestling and low-rent organizations?

    • PlanBFromOuterSpace

      If you have NetFlix, I suggest checking out a movie called “The Backyard”, a documentary about backyard feds from about a decade ago.  If you want to see a bunch of idiot kids going nowhere in a hurry, it’s a pretty entertaining watch.

      • CleverTrousers

         Oh please let there be a torrent or a download of this somewhere out there. It sounds really interesting.

    • DM

      Claudio and Hero were in ROH, now in WWE/FCW. Jack Evans is pretty big in AAA in Mexico. Kevin Steen, former CZW Iron Man Champion is current ROH World Champion…just to name a few. I agree that some are “a step up from yard wrestlers” but there are quite a few good wrestlers in CZW, past and present.

      • cavalier 24601

        Can see some real talent and want these folks to succeed.  A lot of the problems are reaching too far or poor fundamentals.  Plus it’s easier to use barbed wire than actually learn moves.

    • Hans215

      Yo numb-nuts, current WWE champ CM Punk had a match in CZW…Hero, Castagnoli and Moxley are in FCW…Sonjay Dutt, Jigsaw and Blk Jeez in TNA…Steen, Generico, Blk Out and KoW are in ROH…and CZW has been on The Wrestler and TruTV, TWICE! I’m pretty fuckin sure they “Go Somewhere”!

      • cavalier 24601

         I just, politely I thought, asked an honest question.  No reason to be an asshole.

    • DD2

       oh yeah czw is low rent, they’ve only been to germany,japan,and drake went to mexico for dtu wrestling. love uneducated people talking about a fed they barley know.

      • cavalier 24601

         If you actually read what I wrote you’ll notice question marks.  That means there was a question.  I acknowledged my ignorance and asked for information.  Some have provided that and others are being jerks.

  • durstand

    I love the shoot commentaries with the match being discussed being played simultaneously. Always super interesting and usually my favorite part.

  • Sendmaxstuff

    For some reason, I feel like getting a Vitamin Water.

  • Joey R.

    Totally makes the Zandig Special worth reading.

    • DM

      Zanding Special?

      • Joey R.

        • DM


  • Inkall

    I feel so sorry for Quack, Kingston and El Generico … but then I am Chikara biased these days.

    • CleverTrousers

       I know that feel bro

  • Ryan


  • David Fullam

    One half of the dream is here. Now we ask for the other half, IWA-MSmania!

  • d3

    Everybody on here can go get fucked, czw is a great company and there are a lot of good matches. keep living in 05 guys. for the last 3 years wwe, tna and roh have been one big botch compared to dub’s occasional botches.

  • Lee Salzen

    CZW is awful – must’ve been nearly impossible to pick a worst match

  • tmxicon

    So many god damn baggy pants. It’s like they are wrestling in MC Hammer’s closet.

  • Hilo

    Botchamania’s own… CZW. Funny how they’ve been around longer than ECW and gone no where.

  • Richard Simonsen Jr.

    I loved the fact they threw the idiot out the door that decided to interput moment of silence for eddie guerrero.  WTF was that guy thinking?