#FreeMatch Friday – June 20, 2014

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WCW Thunder with David Arquette!

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OSW review the most shameful moment in WCW history, putting the WORLD TITLE on shitty actor David Arquette!
We review the entire episode, including a Russo/Flair promo, a match rivalling Jenna Morasca/Sharmell, and the revival of the hummer angle!

NerdSlam: WWF Royal Rumble (Dreamcast)

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We play one of the worst wrestling games ever: WWF Royal Rumble for the Dreamcast!

#FreeMatchFriday – July 18, 2014

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Michael Elgin vs.Low Ki from Fighting Back: Wrestling with Cancer, our annual Cancer Charity event! Commentary by Player Uno (@PlayerUno) and Cecil Nyx (@CecilNyx)!

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  • LuchadorEnmascarado

    Nobody cares, OK? Post Botchamania or GTFO.

    • Guest

      Yeah Player Uno post Botchamania videos eventhough you don’t make them and Maffew let’s you post your videos on his site.