#FreeMatchFriday – July 4, 2014

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Happy Independence Day! El Hijo Del Bamboo vs. Jaka from Inter Species Wrestling‘s SummerSlamTasia in June 2013! Commentary by Player Uno (@PlayerUno), Cecil Nyx (@CecilNyx) & Player Dos (@Stu_Dos)!

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  • Grunt

    Surley noone wants to watch new episodes of Botchamania. No no.
    Lets stick to posting indymatches once a week and some podcasts inbetween.
    Thats what everybody wants…

    • Nick Gurz

      those podcasts are the biggest waste of shitwipes

      • Patreonisransom

        2 new episodes of Botchamania on Daily Motion, for some reason he hasnt bothered posting them to his own site yet and given us more garbage that no one comes here for instead.