Happy 4/20

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Blogamania 1.6.11

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I did this a few times last year, but never posted them regular enough for them to mean anything. As part of the ‘getting stuff organised’ tour 2011, I intend to do this every Wednesday (or whenever something interesting happens,

Blogamania 22/11/11

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Those damn pigeons are to blame. R-Truth is my favourite wrestler/entertainer in WWE, so this effectively kills my interest in watching Raw by 60% (CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler making up the other 40%) Even worse, Sin Cara is injured

WCW/AAA When Worlds Collide (Fan Cam Footage)

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Some good stuff here with Eddie Guerrero, Art Barr, Louie Spicolli and some people who are still alive too. From Bob Barnett’s Hardcore Overload compilation. I think Bob just showed up to wrestling shows with a camcorder and no-one had

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    No thanks I’d rather watch Boondocks and whenever I bother catching up The Venture Bros.