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WWE 2K14

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I finally got around to playing Wrestlemania Mode last night and had to stop playing so I could laugh when I got to Wrestlemania 16. For those that haven’t played: You have to go through every Wrestlemania, winning key matches

TNA Lockdown 2014

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TNA’s first Lockdown PPV without the possibility of Kurt Angle dying and/or AJ Styles diving off something. Reviewed using the Dudley Boyz system that I invented this morning. Great Muta & Sanada & Yasu vs. Bad Influence & Chris Sabin:

Blogamania – Raw 23/1/12

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Raw 23/1/12 In Brief! Ziggler just stopped during an irish whip so he could strut. Ziggler has never been better, hope he wins at Rumble. Apart from that, I don’t care about the Punk/Ace feud. Kane annihilated Ryder. The whole

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    No thanks I’d rather watch Boondocks and whenever I bother catching up The Venture Bros.