Happy 4/20

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Blogamania Raw 27/2/12

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Raw 27/2/12 In Brief! Still surprised Evan Bourne is in the WWE Intro. Like, to begin with, not just because of legal highs. Rock/Cena MV package has the Jimmy Hart version of Requiem for a Tower playing over it. The

MAGFest X Part 1

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This is going to be long. Someone from The Shizz Message Board summed up the appeal of MAGfest: There’s two types of nerds. People who do nerdy things and NERDS. Just about everybody who goes to the annual super-event is


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Free from HostGator at last! HostGator were good 3/4 of the time I was with them and I never had any serious  issues until the last few months. Then every time an update took place, HostGator 404′d and made everybody

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    No thanks I’d rather watch Boondocks and whenever I bother catching up The Venture Bros.