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Roddy Piper Live

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I had the pleasure of going to watch Roddy Piper at The Stand Newcastle a few weeks ago. Touring one-man wrestler shows in the UK have had a bad rep the last few years (it’s always the amateurs that ruin

MAGFest X Part 1

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This is going to be long. Someone from The Shizz Message Board summed up the appeal of MAGfest: There’s two types of nerds. People who do nerdy things and NERDS. Just about everybody who goes to the annual super-event is

Johnny Devine

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He had a bad day at TNA Final Resolution January 2008. So look forward to seeing him in Most Botched Matches 2008. It’s something, at least.

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    No thanks I’d rather watch Boondocks and whenever I bother catching up The Venture Bros.