Kayfabe Commentaries UK!

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Added by December 15, 2011

I suppose this counts under Windjammer Wednesdays, as I haven’t made a BLATANT ADVERT DAY yet.

Kayfabe Commentaries UK

Kayfabe Commentaries (aka the only shoot interview company worth giving your money to) now have UK representation so us brits don’t have to wait several weeks to get discs. ¬†Fabulous. Hopefully it won’t go the way of SmartMarkVideoUK.

They also have a YouTube account with full YouShoots/Roasts/Guest Bookers to be viewed on a discounted price.

I like this idea, as not all shoots regardless of company and quality need to be re-watched.

Then again…


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  • Amaury

    Damn,im so fucked up i knew what was coming the moment i heard the song…

  • Luxferre

    Poor Tony….hahahaha