Off The Air – The Footage They Didn’t Want You To See #8

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Added by September 5, 2012

Another awesome instalment from BigDizzle with lots more Tony Chimel-bashing!

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Oh it’s some guy with a guitar, whatever….OH OK THESE LYRICS ARE SWEET.

  • @KevinMahon

     What a suck ass promo!

  • Lee Burrows

    About to crash into the world trade center.

  • Lee Burrows

    From #7

  • Mr. McMahon

    Smack Don!

  • Chris Deguara

    Gothic – the way to make ugly people more interesting! good call King

  • Glashan

    The Fink looks so sad… SOMEONE GET THIS MAN A PUPPY STAT!!!

  • David Bonzai Saldana-Montgomer

    *marks out for match-up card graphics filming*

    And man, Lawler’s such a dick.

  • Maciekmac6

    Gone… upload again, plox?

  • Tri.Moon