Interview with Maffew!

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Jay from OSW Review interviews the man behind Botchamania, Maffew! We talk everything Botchamania, favourite wrestling merch and your questions! (which are mostly about Batista’s dick wtf)

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Latest Botchamania HERE
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  • Codster9

    When Jay is speaking, I look at Macho Man.
    When Maffew is speaking, I look at Shockmaster.
    It even sounds like Maffew is wearing a helmet.

  • Brian

    Can people help me find some good deathmatch wrestling found online?
    The most hardcore stuff you guys know of. Most hardcore spots would be good too
    Full match videos preferred but mv’s would be good too

    Would love if maffew himself could help me out

    • trololololololol

      Just watch a horror movie if thats what you’re into bro. that trash isnt wrestling

  • Shake

    It’s funny, Americans are actually the ones with ‘accents’ since that’s the proper way of speaking the language.

    Still not used to it