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OSWReview Wrestlemania V

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The ”I thought this was going to be shit but isn’t” extravaganza that is OSVReview continues with Wrestlemania V.

Introducing: The Ruthless Aggression Podcast

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Hello Botchamaniacs, please allow me a moment of your time to introduce the newest member of the Botchamania Podcast Family, the Ruthless Aggression Podcast. Inspired by the efforts of OSW Reviews and the Attitude Era Podcast (two of the finest

Chikara Klunk In Love Review

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(NEW FEATURE! (which is quick and easy to do, so expect more of these), courtesy of Kevin Ford and his great Chikara Special blog. We at Botchamania again thank Kevin Ford for wanting to share his reviews) Chikara Klunk In

  • ac1d

    OSW & UMO 4Lyfe

  • Fat Pat

    Good stuff guys! I had a fun time watching it with many laughs!
    Thanks for your hard work!

  • Thabass

    Holy. OSW returns!