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Tony Mamaluke retires

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I can’t find any news stories about it, but Tony Mamaluke has retired due to brain trauma. If you ever watched some of his ECW matches, you’ll be as surprised as me that he was capable of living long enough

OSWReview Summerslam ’90

7 388 0 OSWReview returns with Summerslam 1990! The one with Warrior/Rude cage match, Hogan/Earthquake, Demolition/Hart Foundation and a shed-load of filler!

Raw 17/12/12 Tweets ‘n’ Twaddle

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The collected Tweets from last night’s three-hour long car crash. ”Everybody download an app with your iPhone” Fuck off, I’m poor. MOST SHOCKING MOMENT SLAMMY 2012: Abraham Washington’s Kobe moment. And the Slammy goes to a BOOGEYMAN RUN-IN New Age

  • ac1d

    OSW & UMO 4Lyfe

  • Fat Pat

    Good stuff guys! I had a fun time watching it with many laughs!
    Thanks for your hard work!

  • Thabass

    Holy. OSW returns!