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OSWReview Survivor Series 1990

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Survivor Series 1990! The one with The Undertaker debuting, the Grand Finale, The Gooker and the worst Survivor Series team in history: The Alliance! (Nikolai Volkoff, Tito Santana & The Bushwhackers) ENJOY WINDJAMMERS.

Attitude Era’s Capital Carnage 98!

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OSW are back with a special BRUCIE BONUS episode! Our first foray into the Attitude Era!
This PPV includes Jackie’s top being ripped off, so this episode is NSFW!
You can thank Jay for splicing on our facebook group!

ECW One Night Stand 2006

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August 1 warning! Old School Wrestling is back with ECW One Night Stand 2006, kicking off the New Breed Unleashed! Featuring blood, breasts and burning barbed-wire baseball bats!
Ooh and check out the shiny new!

  • ac1d

    OSW & UMO 4Lyfe

  • Fat Pat

    Good stuff guys! I had a fun time watching it with many laughs!
    Thanks for your hard work!

  • Thabass

    Holy. OSW returns!