Botchamania 286

Botchamania 286

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Buffering quicker than The Network (hey, that’s not joke) it’s Botchamania 286: Enter The Wu-Tang Clan: 36 Elimination Chambers!
Area 2 – Vexin’ Volcano by Jun Chikuma (Mega Bomberman)
Boring by Masaya Matsuura (Parappa the Rapper 2)
You Talk Too Much by Joe

Botchamania 285

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Hitting wrestling lower than The Undertaker’s kicks, it’s Botchamania 285: Mo Sean Mooney Mo Problems.
In Paris Chiptune by Ralph Vickers (Rakohus)
Sky Sanctuary Zone by Howard Drossin (Sonic 3)
Stage 5-3 Technocity by Masanori Ohuchi, Aki Hata, Masanori Adachi, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Michiru

The New Generation Project Podcast – IYH: Beware Of Dog

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“Beware Of Dog” is possibly the biggest Pay-Per-View disaster in WWF history not called “King Of The Ring 1995″ and in this episode of ‘The New Generation Project Podcast’ we take a look at this and face disasters of our own,

Simulcast RAW

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WIKKA WIKKA WAAH! YOUR BOYS ARE BACK with Part 4/5 of the X7 Saga with Simulcast RAW! The Go-home RAW before WrestleMania.
Featuring DOINK BRAH, A who’s who of BOYS, and a main event of Austin & Rock vs Undertaker & Kane!

The New Generation Project Podcast – IYH Good Friends, Better Enemies

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We’ve reached the end of the road for the original incarnation of The Kliq. But before 2 of their main players depart, Shawn Michaels and Diesel give us an absolute killer main event in this episode of ‘The New Generation