August Q’n’A

August Q’n’A

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I was going to do this via video, but after hearing my attempts at talking I decided on text instead. Currently my tonsils look like Gene Snitsky’s back so not only do I have the indignation of having a child’s

Dave Cole Dojo

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Hey look, it’s some Dave Cole work! Ain’t he great? You can find more of his work as well as prints to order from his site. Oh and here’s his Instagram and Twitter if you’re into those sorts of things.

Botchamania 256

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Funnier than Bully Ray getting inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame and immediately leaving the company, here’s Botchamania 256: Meng Called Sting!

Summerslam 2014

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I think it’s best to wait until after Raw to review a PPV, as it’s the ending-after-the-credits for the PPV nowadays.

Steve Austin and Botchamania

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I’ve peaked again. Audio recorded from his Summerslam 2014 panel.Cameras weren’t allowed but steve0ftw managed to get the audio, much love sir!