The New Generation Project Podcast – Slammy Awards 1996

The New Generation Project Podcast – Slammy Awards 1996

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Todd Pettengill has the greatest night of his life at the ‘Slammy Awards 1996′. Our final stop on the road to “Wrestlemania XII”. A night with ‘so many blunders’ and ‘so many foul-ups’ according to Jerry Lawler.
Featuring; superstars wearing suits

Botchamania 280

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Bigger than Magic Mike XXL, it’s Botchamania 280: A Matter Of Life and Dr. Death Steve Williams!

Dr. Fetus’ Castle (Ch 5 Dark World) by dB soundworks (Super Meat Boy!)
Stage 4 Part 1 by Naoki Kodaka/Nobuyuki Hara (Batman: The Video Game)

Raw July 15th & Impact July 17th

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The wrecked car from last week is here. When Raw ignores reality and common sense it really takes away from what you’re watching. Why did they bring a wrecked car across country? Who brought it? If Heyman had said ”I

The New Generation Project Podcast – Uncensored 1996

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The New Generation Project Podcast’s ‘King of the Ring 1995′ episode was once described as a “recorded mental breakdown”. Somehow reviewing ‘Uncensored 1996′ manages to top that.
Featuring Paul Scrivens sexy voice, Brian Pillman (sort of), Max Moon (sort of), The Family

Botchamania 279

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Loving wrestling like Finn Balor loves Lego, it’s Botchamania 279: Can I Play With Macho Madness?

The Doomsday Zone by Howard Drossin (Sonic 3 & Knuckles)
Bottles’ Puzzle Challenge by Grant Kirkhope (Banjo-Kazooie)
Level 4 ~ Germany by Nathan McCree (Asterix and the