Sonic 3 Credits

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I dunno, maybe it’s just me.

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My main problem with Raw… WWE has mostly stopped using jobbers on Raw because they need some form of star power to get people to tune in. So instead of Big Show vs. Jobber, we get Big Show vs. Wade

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Oh, and some other stuff happened. Cena was 2005 Cena for the first ten minutes. He’s always been fun when insulting people (hey, just like The Rock) rather than I AM GENERIC MAN AND I GENERALLY HATE EVIL. Someone complained

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It was the year that Breaking Bad ended. So let us look back quickly and move on quicklier. The Only Reason I Watch WWE award Daniel Bryan No shit, I know. An obvious choice because he’s been so damn entertaining

  • Roland

    Well I for one know what game I’ll never play again.

    • Lie Maid

      Colonial Marines?

      • Roland

        Okay two games.

    • Rollo

      Revolution X?

    • Codster9


      • Rollo


  • 2D2Will

    Those are supposed to be Michael Jackson’s “OH!” sounds.