Sonic 3 Credits

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I dunno, maybe it’s just me.

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NXT 3rd June 2015 Notes

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Tyler Breeze vs. Adam Rose
NXT commentary as Tyler makes his entrance:
”Have you ever seen a guy wear a cape like Tyler?”
”Yeah, Mighty Mouse”
*everyone laughs*
Yeah, they read the rumours too.
Adam Rose comes down to the ring looking miserable, like how Buff

Scott Steiner at Badd Blood 2003

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Interview from the Badd Blood 2003 DVD that probably won’t show up on the Network.

Botchamania 179

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Great music? Repetitive as hell? Exactly the same thing as it was several years ago? No, it’s not Pokemon Black, it’s Botchamania 179: Sin Cara of a Solar Empire!

  • Roland

    Well I for one know what game I’ll never play again.

    • Lie Maid

      Colonial Marines?

      • Roland

        Okay two games.

    • Rollo

      Revolution X?

    • Codster9


      • Rollo


  • 2D2Will

    Those are supposed to be Michael Jackson’s “OH!” sounds.