Sonic 3 Credits

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I dunno, maybe it’s just me.

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Network notes

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Someone e-mailed Meltzer a list of edits on the Network…so let’s dump them on here! WWE’s 1997 UK PPV (One Night Only) is the edited home video version that WWE released towards the end of ’97 and cut down to

Blogamania – Raw 23/1/12

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Raw 23/1/12 In Brief! Ziggler just stopped during an irish whip so he could strut. Ziggler has never been better, hope he wins at Rumble. Apart from that, I don’t care about the Punk/Ace feud. Kane annihilated Ryder. The whole

Blogamania Raw 27/2/12

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Raw 27/2/12 In Brief! Still surprised Evan Bourne is in the WWE Intro. Like, to begin with, not just because of legal highs. Rock/Cena MV package has the Jimmy Hart version of Requiem for a Tower playing over it. The

  • Roland

    Well I for one know what game I’ll never play again.

    • Lie Maid

      Colonial Marines?

      • Roland

        Okay two games.

    • Rollo

      Revolution X?

    • Codster9


      • Rollo


  • 2D2Will

    Those are supposed to be Michael Jackson’s “OH!” sounds.