Stylin’ Saturday #2

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Added by November 27, 2011

Nearly forgot the interview this week. Bleedin’ nora.

Ric Flair at Halloween Havoc 1999. Full of life and Surge. I used to watch this before going for job interviews. It worked 90% of the time.

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Stylin’ Saturday

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”Tell ‘em Hawk!” The first Stylin’ Saturday sent in by a fan. it involves Road Warrior Hawk talking about Flair and Freud so you know it’s good. Thanks a lot Shehzad Hussain. ”DOES THIS LOOK SOFT TO YOU, PAUL????”

Stylin’ Saturday

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”I ain’t got no damn integrity!” Roddy Piper is one of the few wrestlers who nearly every interview he gives is worth watching (as proven by his annual Raw appearances). Here he out-classes The Mountie in every way, including

Stylin’ Saturday

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”I did it…FUH DUH ROCK” One of the most infamous moments in an otherwise great period for WWF. Steve Austin was ran over at Survivor Series 1999 and for a few months everyone wondered ”Who ran over Austin?” Whoever

  • Rick Flare

    Woo!, ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair … the dirtiest old man in the game!.

    Rather enjoyed that. He didn’t even bite his tongue during that one!.

  • Buzzy

    Nature boy trollin’

  • Quixotic311

    Wooo! Nature Boy! Woooo! Nature Boy! Wooo!

  • Croc

    Mike Tenay corpsing?
    Keep it up Maffew.

    • based anon

      he’s allowed to laugh when nache is SUPPOSED to be funny…

  • Nolo King

    That went better than expected, lawls!

  • The Monkey

    Funny you should mention the job interview thing. I used to watch old eighties Flair interviews before I had to give a speech or a presentation in college. I was always nervous as hell but it helped loosen me up and style n’ profile.

  • Man Eff Rease!

    Flair has given classic interviews over the years.

  • GugoBYW

    awesome one

  •!/WWFE_Nostalgia Bobby Heenan Guy

    What would you recommend for a first day of work? I think I’m going with the Perfect DVD…