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Botchamania 251

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The hole in the wrestling doughnut, it’s Botchamania 251: Meng On A Mission!

TNA Bound For Glory 2012

44 637 0 Good! Opening vids are always good for BFG. I laughed when Chavo appeared because I forgot he was with TNA now. My reaction: ''Oh it's Chavo.'' Zema Ion lost the X-Division Title to Rob Van Dam. Questionable ending aside, RVD

Slammiversary 2012!

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Alright let’s do this.

Thoughts during the last two live Impacts

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The past few days I’ve been ill and decided to tweet random thoughts whilst viewing TNA’s good (for me) decision to have Impact go out live. Here they are, fresh from the Twitter-oven, my thoughts (with notes) on Impact 05/31

TNA Against All Odds 2012

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There’s no way this needs a ‘real’ write-up or analysis, but if you do want one, you can get one here. http://youtu.be/4lDkkF-gQkk I love Tenay’s completely unexciting start to every TNA show. He couldn’t emote a fart after a plate