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No Mercy Tournaments Galore

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So in September I spent most of the month in America. I always intended on typing up about it, but I realised after looking at a few pages of notes, it would just be piles and piles of ”THE FOOD

Big Bossman Behaving Badly

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The Attitude Era Podcast recap The Big Bossman’s campaign of terror against The Big Show in late 1999.   Subscribe on YouTube for more videos!

3rd Man Podcast

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New Guy Week surges on with 3rd Man Podcast! Sadly not about the classic film Noir but instead focusing on the classic nWo era of WCW. So really their name translates as Hulk Hogan Podcast, but I digress. Episode 8

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Roundtable Wrestling Radio

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New Guy Week continues with RoundTable Wrestling Radio! This week they’re covering Lucha Underground, the show many, many people are probably talking about.


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Day 2 of NEW GUY WEEK continues with something related to Botchamania, Video Game music. The first ‘un posted here also has Castlevania music so it can’t be that bad.