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Botchamania 258

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As relevant to wrestling as Eva Marie, it’s Botchamania 258: Chris Masters Of Puppets!

WWE 2K15 for the Mega Drive

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The guy who made this sent this in. I assumed it was a mod, but it’s all Photoshop according to him. Blimey. It’s impressive to make the Mega Drive WWF games look like fun.

Botchamania 257

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The NXT tag match in the Raw of life, it’s Botchamania 257: Tecmo Team 2000!

WCW/AAA When Worlds Collide (Fan Cam Footage)

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Some good stuff here with Eddie Guerrero, Art Barr, Louie Spicolli and some people who are still alive too.

ECW January 2009

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I’m going through these old shows and figured I’d share my notes. This counts as content, right?