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PWGaMania 2003

24 1041 0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TszwQRqEjJ4 No company's first year is their best. PWG 2003 at least had the benefit of hilarious commentary at the expense of the production and wrestlers. Jardi Frantz is probably best known for being laughed at by Excalibur & Disco

How ROH ended last night

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Crowd booed, chanted for refunds and hurled bottles into the ring.¬†Alleged¬†”FUCK THIS COMPANY” chants broke-out.

Indy wrestlin’

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Summed up in one GIF (which you can see here if you can’t see it below).

Stuff like this doesn’t just not impress me, it bewilders me. You get superplexed, get immediately up and deliver a suplex over the ropes as

Low Ki, high blood pressure

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Just read this story about Low Ki and (yes) CZW in 2000. (After the jump)