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TNA Turning Point 2012

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Tweeting about TNA Turning Point 2012, so if you don’t want it spoiled…DON’T GO ON TWITTER IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU MUPPET. (Some British Fans complained about me tweeting about the previous TNA PPV because it’s shown on Challenge TV

TNA Bound For Glory 2012

44 1445 0 Good! Opening vids are always good for BFG. I laughed when Chavo appeared because I forgot he was with TNA now. My reaction: ''Oh it's Chavo.'' Zema Ion lost the X-Division Title to Rob Van Dam. Questionable ending aside, RVD

Botch of the week #3

9 394 0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zlhHQJZZoU Maybe not the best botch but someone made a video of it so HEY, why not. Plus it features one of my favourite things about TNA (Robbie E) and one of my least (Jeff Hardy). It would be mean

TNA Sacrifice 2012: Top 5 highlights

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Everybody else and their dog has an opinion on PPVs when they occur, so I’ll be doing these as opposed to typing lots. Besides, when it comes to TNA PPV, it’s always a case of ”These (x) matches were worth

TNA Against All Odds 2012

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There’s no way this needs a ‘real’ write-up or analysis, but if you do want one, you can get one here.
I love Tenay’s completely unexciting start to every TNA show. He couldn’t emote a fart after a plate of baked