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The New Generation Project Podcast – In Your House I

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Welcome to the debut of the ‘In Your House’ series – In Episode 14 of ‘The New Generation Project Podcast’, we tackle the first budget monthly Pay-Per-View offering from the WWF.
Featuring your WWE giveaway items, the WWF debuts of Doc

The New Generation Project Podcast – King Of The Ring 1994

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How much does this Episode weigh?
In this edition of  ‘The New Generation Project Podcast’, we tackle one of the most infamous PPV’s of all time – ‘King Of The Ring 1994’ AKA ‘Night Of Piledrivers’ .
Featuring: Marty Jannetty

THE RAW RANT: 5th November 2012

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CM Punk and Ryback face each other within a tag match, the British lads get more screen time than usual and Vickie Guerrero is still sniffing John Cena’s fingers for clues.

WWF In Your House I: Premiere

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WWF was on it’s arse financially (and creatively) in 1995, but realised they had a (mostly stupid) fan-base that would lap up whatever they put out…including two hour $14.95 shows in between the big full-priced ones.

Raw Rant 09/10/12 & 09/17/12

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Bret Hart returns and encounters CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Kane have a go at being a tag team and tragedy strikes as Jerry Lawler collapses mid-show. (Comments in bold by Maffew!)