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Botchamania 278

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Dumber than buying PC games on the day of release, it’s Botchamania 278: A Boy Named Hugh G. Rection!
Thanks To…
Eddie Kingston for the lovely intro
xSmootx for pointing out the BroMans thing
Too Hot For TV and Jerry Springer for the great

Botchamania 276

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The best series of accidents online since Dixier Carter last logged onto her e-mail account, it’s Botchamania 276: Whore of the The Orient Express!

Thanks To…
Oleg The Usurper for the fabulous intro and tripping over
Xircon Zircon for sending me that Seal

Botchamania 274

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Like Jeff Hardy on a quad-bike you know it won’t end well but you’re going to watch them anyway, it’s Botchamania 274: Bo Dallas Baseball!

Thanks To…
SMASH Wrestling for the huge bag of cash
Enrique The Superfan for the lovely Bobby Fish

Botchamania 270

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The one crying kid on the long bus journey of wrestling, it’s Botchamania 270: Who Wants To Be A Billionaire Ted?
Another Winter by Anamanaguchi (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World The Game)
Do You Wanna Touch Me by Joan Jett
Psycho Section by


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(For some reason this was never posted on the site. Christ knows what that was about)

Three years in the making…
I always said I’d make this video, but only after the guy left. Well, the original Sin Cara (Mistico) officially departed