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Botchamania 254

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More of a letdown than that Sting advert (or rather ”more of a letdown when you people finally see him wrestle”), it’s Botchamania 254: AquaMeng!

Botchamania 253

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Quick, watch this video before Emma stuffs it into her purse and buggers off out the shop.

State Of The Union

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Right, taking note of a motivational statement I saw recently about ‘Plan For Years But Live In Days’, so I’m making plans for Botchamania 275. If the following aren’t in place by then, it’s proof I’m not cut out for

Botchamania 251

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The hole in the wrestling doughnut, it’s Botchamania 251: Meng On A Mission!

Survivor Series Alpha 2

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I’m not implying anything, it’s a simple yet effective pose that’s been in everything from films to comics. But it does look pretty side-to-side.