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Listamania: Fifty Fastest Rumble Eliminations

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Tried uploading this on other video sites but it got quickly rejected. Can’t think why. I’ve signed up to Vimeo Plus which gives me longer video file-sizes and seems to work. For now.

THE RAW RANT: 5th November 2012

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CM Punk and Ryback face each other within a tag match, the British lads get more screen time than usual and Vickie Guerrero is still sniffing John Cena’s fingers for clues.

THE RAW RANT: 29th October 2012

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CM Punk sets a challenge to Mick Foley for Survivor Series, (WWE’s) AJ affair scandal develops and Michael Cole’s back on form…of being shit.

Hell In A Cell Live-Tweets

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Come for that Gif, stay for the Live-Tweets.

Botchamania 217

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Harder to get into than a Grant Morrison Batman storyline (if you haven’t watched the previous 216 videos, I suggest you do so now) it’s Botchamania 217: Ryback To The Future!