Kevin Nash is awesome


I’m looking forward to this. The match he’s talking about occurred on the last ever episode of WWF Wrestling Challenge…but it was a dark match. Bollocks. Still, Nash impersonating Willem Defoe makes up for it.

Edit: It’s likely the match Nash is referring to is this one, just without the cage aspect. It certainly lasts long enough:


And while we are on the subject of Kayfabe Commentaries, I think that Top 5 Botched Moments stalled. When it was due to come out, Alberto Del Rio still had credibility.

Franky the mobster interview!


Maffew continues to use his unnecessary popularity to get interviews with exceptional wrestlers who otherwise would ignore him. In this edition, we are joined live in the studio (apartment) with the great Canadian himself, Franky The Mobster.  We met to discuss:

-His CZW Iron Man Title and those promos.
-How he got started, that name and h
is friendships with Eddie Kingston and Kevin Steen.
-That one PWG promo, spitting on girls and signing old women’s breasts.
-Acting, hopes for the future and a boat-load of fan-submitted questions AND MOREEEEEE!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Franky The Mobster but were too afraid to ask

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WCW Thunder – 01/06/00


Two years ago, ECW on Sci-Fi was unceremoniously cancelled and replaced by NXT. I hastily put together a compilation of ECW on Sci-Fi’s botches and noticed how everyone seemed to be fawning over the show now that it was dead and gone. I joked that ”If Botchamania had existed in 2001, people would be bemoaning the loss of Thunder” (Thunder being the accepted ‘worst show put out by WCW that people actually watched’ and it’s still joked about in this manner today, mostly by people who have never watched a single episode of it).

A few people noticed what I wrote in the description and asked if a Thundermania was in the works? I told them ”only if fans paid for the discs obtained from tape traders” (You can pretty much obtain any wrestling show that was broadcast on TV from tape traders. The quality is far greater than the terrible torrents you see roaming around the internet, plus I can pop a Thunder disc into a DVD player and do stretches rather than sit on my arse watching in on a PC). I asked for a quote from a dealer who had all years 1998-2001 and told the Good People Of YouTube where to donate money if they wanted to see if that much, thinking nothing would come of it.

In two hours, people donated all the money needed.

”Fuck” I thought.

The result for people’s hard money? Two Thundermanias covering 1998 (one I was happy with, the other not so much) and not a lot else. Why is this? Did I decide to take the money and run, hoping no-one would notice? Actually, I had been watching Thunders from 1999 and accumulating footage on my external hard drive before the fucking thing pulled a Ken Anderson and injured itself for no reason, taking three years of work with it. Since then I’ve been very unfocused with regards to Thundermania, viewing it as an utter waste of good time that could have been spent doing  anything else. I mean, when you’re using your valuable time to watch Thunder and then  find you wasted that time and may have to watch them AGAIN at some point…well, you lose a bit of enthusiasm.

Until now.

Skipping years 1998/1999 for now, I intend to do write-ups of Thunder 2000 for the site so I can A) get practice writing B) give the website more regular content C) prepare for further Thundermanias D) ensure that if everything gets destroyed, I can read these posts later as notes and can recover quickly E) Finally finish what I started and F) give those poor sods who donated money two years ago what they paid for.

With that in mind, let’s begin.
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