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Botchamania Fan Awards 2014

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Botchamania Fan Awards 2014 Better late than never, right? This is the first time asking you, the loyal fans, what you think of the product so let’s see if this was a good idea or not. Anything in quotation marks

Botchamania 265 & 266

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As welcome as finding shit on your pillow, it’s Botchamania 265: Velvet Skyrim!

Botchamania 263 & 264

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Two videos, because it’s Christmas. And Die Hard’s already been on.

ECW February 2009

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Continuing the run-through of this lovely little show. Part one here!

Botchamania 262

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Every time you watch Raw, you’re reminded to watch Botchamania and every time you watch Botchamania you’re reminded to wipe your arse. Anyway, here’s Botchamania 262: Tony Hawk’s Heath Slater 2!