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TNA Turning Point 2012

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Tweeting about TNA Turning Point 2012, so if you don’t want it spoiled…DON’T GO ON TWITTER IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU MUPPET. (Some British Fans complained about me tweeting about the previous TNA PPV because it’s shown on Challenge TV

Slammiversary 2012!

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Alright let’s do this.

TNA Against All Odds 2012

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There’s no way this needs a ‘real’ write-up or analysis, but if you do want one, you can get one here.
I love Tenay’s completely unexciting start to every TNA show. He couldn’t emote a fart after a plate of baked

Stylin’ Saturday #2

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Nearly forgot the interview this week. Bleedin’ nora.
Ric Flair at Halloween Havoc 1999. Full of life and Surge. I used to watch this before going for job interviews. It worked 90% of the time.