Botchamania 212


Predictably, WWE killed the YouTube link quicker than George Galloway killed the respect people had for him.

Dailymotion is the McDonalds of video-hosting sites. It’s not made very well but if there’s nowhere else open…I’ll use it.

Thanks to…
PWG Spy for another fabulous intro
Brian Cage for doing said intro
Clint for the PRIME ring break
Repost Man for PWG clip

botchamania 208


With less luck that Chris Sabin, it’s Botchamania 208: Mega Man and Nicole Bass!

Makes You Starowngahhhh by The Smash Brothers (Lifeforce)
Under Her Control by Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy VIII)
Tecmo Bowl by The Minibosses

Thanks to…
That Guy for the Brian Kendrick intro
Codster9 for CZW Intro