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Raw, NXT & Impact October 12th-14th 2015

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I’m trying a new thing for Raw where I try to recall everything that happened nearly a week later. Sadly all I’m remembering is ‘Roman Reigns dying harder on live TV than R. Budd Dwyer.‘
So WWE and every other wrestling

Raw July 15th & Impact July 17th

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The wrecked car from last week is here. When Raw ignores reality and common sense it really takes away from what you’re watching. Why did they bring a wrecked car across country? Who brought it? If Heyman had said ”I

The New Generation Project Podcast – Raw vs Nitro 2

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In this episode, ‘The New Generation Project Podcast’ watch the very confusing ‘Raw Bowl’ for Episode 27 – ‘Raw vs Nitro 2’. We discuss in full what was going on in the Monday Night Wars on January 1st, 1996.
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(For some reason this was never posted on the site. Christ knows what that was about)

Three years in the making…
I always said I’d make this video, but only after the guy left. Well, the original Sin Cara (Mistico) officially departed

The New Generation Project Podcast – Raw vs Nitro

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The Monday Night War has kicked off! In this special episode of ‘The New Generation Project Podcast’, we take a look at the first night in 1995 that the 2 shows went head to head – September 11th 1995 –