Are You Serious? #31


It’s funny when they’re casually riffing on things but uninteresting when they’re busting out the trademark WWE Wooden Acting style. For example, they mock Repo Man’s ability to break a car window (”What was that glass made out of, Bart Gunn’s jaw?”) but the rest of the observations are just ”This gimmick sucks he’s just stealing a car, not repossessing it! We could give you further explanations but these videos are aimed at children who have low attention spans who fuck it here’s Twitter!” Also nice to be reminded of the era when it was only bad guys who would steal other people’s cars. And what’s the deal with making fun of a parody?

are you serious #30


I still think this show would be a hell of a lot better if they let the clips THEY OWN play for longer than a few seconds. And if you watched WWF 1996 you’d have loved Waylon Mercy. Shame he didn’t last long.
And I loved Batista as Women’s Champion.
”Mess with the bull and you’ll get…the giggles.”

WWE Presents the internet


Road Dogg and Josh Matthews (both of whom do a good job) decide to take the mountain to Mohammed and riff on classic crap moments of wrestling themselves. One part Mystery Science Theatre, one part ‘One of Those Shows On YouTube Where a Guy Riffs And You Feel The Urge To Punch This Person’, it’s a good concept and mostly works. The editing and pacing is too quick for my liking (but then most American shows are to me), but Dogg is funny enough for me to ignore that. ”He hates his shoes!”

Ziggler’s on the other hand doesn’t work for me due to the general unpleasantness and cheapness. HA, THAT GUY FELL ON HIS NADS. Hm. There’s also nothing special about this type of clip show in 2012 thanks to things like (ta-da) YouTube.

Ziggler riffing on fan clips is easily the highlight though. If they change it to be just Dolph laughing at fans taking it too seriously then this could go places. It’s not like WWE wouldn’t love the chance to laugh at fans some more.

I’ve only watched these two as they’re two shows with at least some Botchamania/Wrestlecrap inspiration so I am obliged to pass comment. Also funny WWE makes fun of silly angles past at the same time they have stuff like farting on SmackDown on TV NOW.

I’ll end this by expressing how surprised I am it’s taken them this long to do something like this, and why WWE would spend money advertising the expression ”WWE DOWNLOAD” to millions of people. Maybe next year we’ll see them sign Ernest Miller for WWE PRESENTS SCREENSHOTS OF CATS.