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Botchamania 261

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The odd-numbered Star Trek film of wrestling, it’s Botchamania 261: The Wrath Of Corporate Kane!

Brockin’ All Over The World

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”There was a fan who reported that he was it by a monitor tossed by Brock but denied that he was injured.” -Dave Meltzer If you watch the show (or wait until the next Botchamania), the crowd chants ”Lawsuit!” immediately

Snitsky & Heidenreich

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This was supposed to be two separate videos, but neither go into too much detail about them so I just mixed them together. And added the theme from Oz.

Network notes

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Someone e-mailed Meltzer a list of edits on the Network…so let’s dump them on here! WWE’s 1997 UK PPV (One Night Only) is the edited home video version that WWE released towards the end of ’97 and cut down to

Botchamania 244

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The appendix of wrestling (and by that, I mean it can be removed at any time), it’s Botchamania 244: The Evil That Meng Do!