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ECW February 2009

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Continuing the run-through of this lovely little show. Part one here!

Raw 25th August 2014

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Hall of Fame Forum with HBK, Hogan and Flair. Hogan’s like ”Cena’s a nice guy!”, HBK’s like ”Lesnar broke my arm!” and Flair’s like ”Lend us a tenner.”

THE RAW RANT: 5th November 2012

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CM Punk and Ryback face each other within a tag match, the British lads get more screen time than usual and Vickie Guerrero is still sniffing John Cena’s fingers for clues. ————————————————————————————————————

THE RAW RANT: 29th October 2012

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CM Punk sets a challenge to Mick Foley for Survivor Series, (WWE’s) AJ affair scandal develops and Michael Cole’s back on form…of being shit. ————————————————————————————————————

Night of Champions 2012

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Sprained Ankles, Paul Heyman and Disneyland.