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AEPodcast: Backlash 1999!

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…Where to, Stephanie?!

Episode 14!
Rock and Austin have the match they were always meant to have, Vince turns babyface and Stephanie gets taken for a ride!
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Wrestlemaniamania 5

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More ‘Mania for your ‘money.

WWE 2K14

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I finally got around to playing Wrestlemania Mode last night and had to stop playing so I could laugh when I got to Wrestlemania 16.

AEPodcast: Royal Rumble 1999

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Join the AEPodcast as they delve into one of the most famous and memorable PPV offerings of the Attitude Era, The 1999 Royal Rumble.

Dan Severn: A Chilling Man

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A man who is shrouded in mystery and moustache, AEPodcast look back at the only WWF singles ppv match featuring  Dan “The Beast” Severn.