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TNA Turning Point 2012

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Tweeting about TNA Turning Point 2012, so if you don’t want it spoiled…DON’T GO ON TWITTER IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU MUPPET. (Some British Fans complained about me tweeting about the previous TNA PPV because it’s shown on Challenge TV

Hell In A Cell Live-Tweets

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Come for that Gif, stay for the Live-Tweets.

Botchamania 217

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Harder to get into than a Grant Morrison Batman storyline (if you haven’t watched the previous 216 videos, I suggest you do so now) it’s Botchamania 217: Ryback To The Future!

Jerry Lawler

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Raw airs in the early hours of the morning in the UK, so when I was asked the next day ”Did you see what happened on Raw?!” I shut myself off from Twitter/FaceBook/etc. so I wouldn’t be spoilt by what

Paralympics Tweetin’

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I tweeted during the Paralympics Opening Ceremonies for my own amusement (and my Dad’s, who texted me saying ”GERRIN”) and some people ¬†asked if the best ones could be resposted on this fine website/glorified blog. Bad puns after the jump…