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Steve Austin and Botchamania

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I’ve peaked again.
Audio recorded from his Summerslam 2014 panel.Cameras weren’t allowed but steve0ftw managed to get the audio, much love sir!

AEPodcast: King of the Ring 1999

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IT’S ME, AUSTIN!!! Oh boy, the fellas have a lot on their plate in this one. Vince is the Higher Power, Austin is the CEO and Billy Gunn is the most illustrious King of the Ring of all time!

AEPodcast: Royal Rumble 1999

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Join the AEPodcast as they delve into one of the most famous and memorable PPV offerings of the Attitude Era, The 1999 Royal Rumble.

THE RAW RANT: 5th November 2012

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CM Punk and Ryback face each other within a tag match, the British lads get more screen time than usual and Vickie Guerrero is still sniffing John Cena’s fingers for clues.

The Raw Rant: October 15th 2012

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Ryback or John Cena?  Who will face CM Punk for the WWE Title at Hell in a Cell?  Sheamus and The Big Show try to get under each other’s skin and Daniel Bryan and Kane’s love/hate relationship finally takes a