Listamania poll: Worst WWE PPV Main Event


Hey, let’s increase the interactivity of Listamania and see what you fine folks reading this here bit of text think before I commence work on the video itself. The next Listamania’s topic…Worst WWE PPV Main Event.

There’s plenty to choose from…Hogan vs. Undertaker from Judgement Day 2002, Triple H vs. Randy Orton from Wrestlemania XXV, Undertaker vs. Undertaker from Summerslam 1994, Roddy Piper vs. Jerry Lawler from King of the Ring 1994, Kevin Nash vs. King Mabel from Summerslam 1995 to list just a few stinkers off the top of my head.

If this works, more videos will be dealt with in a votely fashion.

Or if it bombs it’ll be back to thinking I know best.

Anyway, vote via comment section below!