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Botchamania 254

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More of a letdown than that Sting advert (or rather ”more of a letdown when you people finally see him wrestle”), it’s Botchamania 254: AquaMeng!

Botchamania 253

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Quick, watch this video before Emma stuffs it into her purse and buggers off out the shop.

Botchamania 252

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Fuelled by Patreon, it’s Botchamania 252: The ProtoMengs.

The New Generation Project Podcast – Wrestlemania X

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It’s the first Wrestlemania for The New Generation Project guys! Featuring full analysis of both main events – Shawn Michaels vs Burt Reynolds and Roddy Piper vs Yokozuna! Plus… Our favourite Wrestlemania memories! What was the logic in the Yokozuna/Lex

The New Generation Project Podcast – The Steiner Brothers

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Here’s the story of two brothers Rick and Scott, they don’t use drugs (hmmm…) and they’re always on top…. It’s Episode 5 of ‘The New Generation Project’ where we take a look at The Steiner Brothers. In this edition we