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Because YOU demanded (asked politely) it.

Rumblemania 1 (1988-1998)
One of the benefits of the Network is being able to replace all those ancient VHS rips with supersexy swinging HD.
Origin ~Awaken~ (Theme Of Heroes) by Szk (Gain Ground, Mega Drive)
Casino by Yasunori

Botchamania 298

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The video series so unlucky that if it fell into a barrel full of nipples it would come out sucking it’s thumb. It’s Botchamania 298: The Kenny Omega Man!

Flowers of Antimony (The Explodatorium) by Manami Matsumae (Shovel Knight)
Spider Dance by

Most Botched Matches 2015

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Ah, the Most Botched Matches Of The Year list. 2014’s edition got some flack for featuring matches that were bad because of the crowd reactions than because of the match itself, so it’s all shite matches (and video game music)

Botchamania 296

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Fuck it we’ll do it live, it’s Botchamania 296: To Pimp A Double-Underhook Butterfly Suplex!

Thanks To…
Chuck Mambo for the fabulous intro
The London crowd for chanting Botchamania
Lasse_M8 for Ryback on Smackdown
levikeinz for the Samoa Joe ending
Second Questicles for the Xmas ending

Botchamania 295

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More delicious than a bag of Tater Tots (whatever the fuck they are) it’s Botchamania 295: The New Day Of The Dead.
Thanks To…
Player Uno and Dos for the fabulous intro
FlorencioFlores91 for NXT Takeover footage
dat reach for the AAW table
steve looney