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The New Generation Project Podcast – Bash At The Beach 1994

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HULKAMANIA IS RUNNING WILD… and it’s made a big mess all over WCW. In Episode 8 of ‘The New Generation Project Podcast’ we change the channel to WCW to look at Hulk Hogans debut at ‘Bash At The Beach 1994′.

Let’s Watch Battleground 2014

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Does what it says in the title. I need to get these done quicker but that’s life.

Botchamania 254

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More of a letdown than that Sting advert (or rather ”more of a letdown when you people finally see him wrestle”), it’s Botchamania 254: AquaMeng!

Botchamania 253

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Quick, watch this video before Emma stuffs it into her purse and buggers off out the shop.

Botchamania 252

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Fuelled by Patreon, it’s Botchamania 252: The ProtoMengs.