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The New Generation Project Podcast – Wrestlemania XI

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Celebritymania AKA ‘Wrestlemania XI’ is the show being reviewed in Episode 13 of The New Generation Project Podcast Featuring more shouty promos than we’ve ever had before, Cyndi Lauper vs Muhammed Ali vs Liberace, the history of Lawrence Taylor, the


28 1307 7 http://youtu.be/l76lLcuzwDE https://vimeo.com/112946063/ http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2b9rbs_khalimania_sport Ah, Khali. It was weird to re-watch some 2006 for this video and be reminded how well booked he originally was. Beating The Undertaker with one foot on his chest, stealing Cena's title and having everyone bump

The New Generation Project Podcast – Royal Rumble 1995

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  Mantaur! Mantaur! Mantaur! That’s all you really need to know about this episode, isn’t it? In Episode 12 of ‘The New Generation Project Podcast’, we take a look at the first event of one of the most notorious years

Survivor Series 2014

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Survivor Series 2014 We skipped most of the pre-show as they’re just sound-bites from the white noise panel, hype videos that get shown on the PPV and a Fandango match. We watched the Malice at the Palace instead, but we

Botchamania 261

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The odd-numbered Star Trek film of wrestling, it’s Botchamania 261: The Wrath Of Corporate Kane!