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Botchamania 291

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Fuck me ragged it’s Botchamania 291: JoJo Dillon’s Bizarre Adventure!

Thanks To…
Paul London, BT Gunn & Chris Renfrew for the fabulous intro
We Dem Assholes for Octane vs. Savage
DedySilveria for the Zero-1 clip
Harry & Beyond for Dijak & Webb
A few

Botchamania 288, 289, 290

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Botchamania 288

Thanks To…
Juan Francisco de Coronado for the fabulous intro
@FemmeBalor for the fan footage of the fan
Codster9 for reminding me of the Extreme Rules 2012 thing
repalec and CAPTAlNCARDlGAN and others for suggesting the Austin Powers shoe ending. One of those

Monday Night Raw 19th October 2015

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WWE’s always been at it’s worst when it feels compelled to remind it’s audience that it’s a business. As a kid, WWE PPVs always felt like the matches were a natural build up of two wrestlers’ mutual hate that just

The New Generation Project Podcast – King Of The Ring 1996

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It’s the one we’ve all been waiting for, it’s the night Stone Cold Steve Austin cuts the promo that will change the wrestling business forever, yes it’s “King Of The Ring 1996” in this episode of ‘The New Generation Project

Night of Champions 2015 & The Raw After

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The pre-pre-show Network show was Swerved. I was hoping they’d do an episode where they film Jack Swagger and tell him he’s going to win a match and then hide him from all the sharp objects when they tell him