The Brood Break Their Silence

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AEPodcast Is Owen

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WOOOOO! YES! He’s a blackheart! He’s a sole survivor! The AEPodcast gang pay tribute to one of the greatest technical wrestlers of all time in this special bonus episode.

AEPodcast: Backlash 1999!

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…Where to, Stephanie?!

Episode 14!
Rock and Austin have the match they were always meant to have, Vince turns babyface and Stephanie gets taken for a ride!
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AEPodcast: Unforgiven 1999

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Oh god….Hell in a Kennel. Vince McMahon returns, Vince Russo leaves and Big Boss Man tries his hand at cookery!

  • Franke Sisto

    Jesus… this is the Attitude Era’s “Genesis of McGillicutty!”

  • Nolo King

    As long as they did their best because that is really all that matters, lawls!