The Terminator (1991)

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Added by November 11, 2012

Just discovered this and deemed it postable.

Due to the game being programmed by a British studio (Probe Software), developed in PAL and *then* ported to NTSC, the game is superfast and insane due to the speed increase. God knows how that happened, but it makes for fun viewing. One of the comments on the video puts it best: ”Christ, forget the Terminator. Somebody save L.A. from Kyle Reese!!”

-image of Mega Drive case so something nice appears when I link this on the BM FB-

I never played it but watching it is already more fun than playing the never-ending T2: The Arcade Game. Obviously designed to make you pump money into the cabinet due to the length involved in killing anything big, the game is an exercise in futility on a console.

Ah well, there’s always Robocop vs. The Terminator.

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  • tmacman

    I loved this game as a (very young) kid, I was fucking awful at it, I never got past the first section, I had no fucking clue what I was doing, but I was always playing it!

  • Six Round Bobby

    … there’s something a bit off about watching Kyle Reese mow down fifty or sixty cops in cold blood, particularly during the police station level.

  • Rob Sellers

    Completed this and T2 Arcade (with a pad, not a Menacer) back in the day. Terminator is short but fun, and the Factory level’s music was fookin terrifying as a kid.

  • grievousgeorge

    Great fraggin game!

  • Shaun Weezel Burnett

    RoboCop vs Terminator was the best, especially after you put in the gore code and the weapons code

  • Slack

    Is that Kyle Reese or Lester the Unlikely?

  • Jason Hicks

    cubex55 has some crazy longplays.. i couldnt beat that game but damn he found a video that could LOL

    • Christopher Young

      A fantastic timesink indeed.

  • RockerDropper

    Like Shawun says Robocp V Terminator on the Megadrive (Genesis) is where it’s at. A Superb srolling shoot em-up.

  • Ben Dunder

    Loved the game, but in hindsight it wasn’t too impressive. There was a sad trend back then of making really short games (four levels in this instance) but making them stupidly hard to complete, in this instance by only giving you one life. I was a bit disappointed that AVGN didn’t review this in his Terminator videos.

  • Peter Sanzone

    I always wondered why this game moved so fast, now I know.

  • DavetheMark

    To anybody out there under 25: I PROMISE 16-bit gaming was amazing. Don’t be fooled by this…

  • Anon

    Mega Drive/Genesis had awesome music!

  • Dasyati

    The most realistic depiction of 1980s Los Angeles police in any video game, ever.

  • Sylveria

    Gotta love those ultra-rapid-fire, infinite-ammo shotguns x.x