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AEPodcast: Brawl For All

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Why not celebrate BOXING day by listening to the AEPodcast boys review the calamitous shoot-fighting tournament WWE wants you to forget?   Join Kevin, Billy and Adam as we discuss one of the biggest misfires of the Attitude Era, it’s the

The Brood Break Their Silence

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The AEPodcast folk look back at Gangrel’s first and last in ring promo Twitter Facebook Podcast

AEPodcast: Wrestlemania 15

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Oh boy, this is a big one. Episode 13! THE RAGIN’ CLIMAX! Our longest and most negative episode to date. Let’s hope people find those traits endearing. Rock/Austin finally collide! And eh… Bossman does a Hell in a Cell and

  • Benjamin Raven

    I can’t believe I just watched that promo again, what the hell was that.

  • MisterForth

    A shame you didn’t pick up the part where he subtly namedrops the Hell’s Angels.

  • MPT

    Amazing promo

  • Rocksault

    This hammy story was supposed to be a lead-in for the newly minted Y2J to come out and rip them both in a promo – and then Undertaker counters “Judging by the amount of peach fuzz growing on your chin, I’ve got more hours in the ring than you’ve got hours in the shower”. Whenever I think of Jericho, I also think of peach fuzz.

  • BE BU

    honestly that was way more entertaining then 95% of promos cut in RAW troday.