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Big Bossman Behaving Badly

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The Attitude Era Podcast recap The Big Bossman’s campaign of terror against The Big Show in late 1999.   Subscribe on YouTube for more videos!

AEPodcast: Beyond the Mat Commentary available now!

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The AEPodcast boys are raising funds for a new microphone and merchandise.  Check out the announcement video for their Beyond the Mat commentary track, available now from for £3! Facebook Twitter iTunes

AEPodcast: Wrestlemania 15

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Oh boy, this is a big one. Episode 13! THE RAGIN’ CLIMAX! Our longest and most negative episode to date. Let’s hope people find those traits endearing. Rock/Austin finally collide! And eh… Bossman does a Hell in a Cell and

  • Benjamin Raven

    I can’t believe I just watched that promo again, what the hell was that.

  • MisterForth

    A shame you didn’t pick up the part where he subtly namedrops the Hell’s Angels.

  • MPT

    Amazing promo

  • Rocksault

    This hammy story was supposed to be a lead-in for the newly minted Y2J to come out and rip them both in a promo – and then Undertaker counters “Judging by the amount of peach fuzz growing on your chin, I’ve got more hours in the ring than you’ve got hours in the shower”. Whenever I think of Jericho, I also think of peach fuzz.

  • BE BU

    honestly that was way more entertaining then 95% of promos cut in RAW troday.