WCW Halloween Havoc 1990

The Black Scorpion, two Stings and Kevin Nash dressed up as a Thundercat.

Good Stuff!

  • Rich and Morton taking on The Midnight Express would end up being the last match The Express would have before Cornette and Lane left to form SMW (now known today as ROH). Everybody has a mullet and Tommy Rich is involved but it’s pretty sweet and features such highlights as a Rocket Launcher on the rampway.
  • The Steiners vs. The Nasty Boyz is one of the few good Nasty matches they doesn’t involve Cactus Jack. The crowd goes crazy for everything Scott and Rick do and the Nastyz are tough enough to take the Steiner’s inhuman offence and dish it right back at them. Also of note: The Nasty Boyz were leaving for WWF soon after this (due to not being under contract) but The Steiners refused to demolish them, so Knobbs & Saggs destroy The Steiners afterwards even though they were leaving and the Steiners wouldn’t get their revenge on TV. Weird. Scott spikes the everloving fuck out of Saggs with the Frankensteiner for the finish so everything is equal.
  • Doom vs. Flair and Anderson is a splendid tag match let down by a lack of finish. The mini-feud between The Four Horsemen and Doom would produce the awesome Street Fight match at Starrcade ’90 the following month too. Funny that the feud disguised as a Red Herring for the Black Scorpion shenanigans being far superior than the actual Sting/Scorp feud.
  • Stan Hansen and Still Motivated Lex Luger have an entertaining slobberknocker that involves a lot of punching, brawling and drooling. Hansen was batshit crazy by the standards of WCW’s characters at the time and it’s just nice to see him scare the hell out of people.

Bad Stuff!

  • Jack Brickhouse (one of the first ever announcers to commentate on televised wrestling) joins Jim Ross and Paul E. Dangerously to commentate on ‘Wild’ Bill Irwin vs. Terry Taylor. Shame the match is shockingly boring. Brickhouse tries to tell us that the crowd is behind Taylor, but unless Taylor’s nickname is ”BORING” (which he’d probably prefer that to ”ROOSTER”) they don’t care.
  • J.W. Storm pounds ‘Candyman’ Brad Armstrong but Armstrong small packages Some Muscle Guy and wins. WCW thought so much of this match that they cut it from the VHS release.
  • The Renegade Warriors wrestle The Fabulous Freebirds but are so ridiculously shite the crowd gets behind The ‘Birds instead, despite Michael Hayes wearing tinselled dungarees. Only Hayes could get a crowd to cheer for him whilst wearing mascara and blowing kisses to everybody.
  • JYD has a quick squash with Moondog Rex. Crowd reacts like a Prince Iaukea entrance.


  • The Master Blasters who the fans loved…chanting ”L.O.D.”  at. Pre-fame and pre-”Who?” Kevin Nash and Al Green wearing soot and Mohawks generate laughter rather than electricity or excitement or other positive things. A waste of The Southern Boys but they can rest easy knowing that decades from now people will still be laughing at Kevin Nash’s appearance.
  • The fucking Black Scorpion. What more needs to be typed? This is the segment where Scorpion fiendishly kidnaps a woman and transports to another part of the arena using the power of RUNNING BEHIND THE CURTAIN to put a woman inside a cage. The Black Scorpion could have been a great character if he had done anything else other than amateur magic tricks to scare Sting. If he had just stuck to ”I’m an old friend of yours SSSST-IIING” promos he would have been a cool character. Not unveiling as Ric Flair would have helped too, but during skits like these everybody involved is dragged down by the inanity as everyone has to sell The Black Scorpion as if he’s fucking Saruman. ”Oh my God, that masked man just took Sting’s nose! How will he defend the title now?”
  • The end of Sting vs. Sid Vicious. They brawl near the fans when suddenly the Four Horsemen distract the referee and replace Sting with a Barry Windham. Back in the ring, Windham gets pinned by Sid who is declared the winner and new Champion…only for Sting (with a piece of rope around him to show he was either tied up or trying to hang himself) to return to the ring and reclaim the title IN SECONDS. The whole series of events occurs so damn quickly due to the fact they were running out of air-time which just makes a shite idea even shiter. The match and show exists as a filler show until Sting takes on The Black Scorpion at Starrcade, so Sid is Just Another Guy for this match. Even worse, Sid is an unstoppable monster, right? So why is he pulling shit like this? Sting should be the one having to cheat to beat him, not the other way around, because a monster heel who has to nick ideas from Black Scorpion (Hey, his initials are B.S. for a reason) isn’t that monster-y. Something WWE forgets everytime Cena beats a ‘monster’ heel today in 2012.


Four watchable matches is pretty good  by Halloween Havoc standards.

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    I’m still trying to figure out how Black Scorpion made that quarter appear from behind Sting’s ear.  I mean, Sting would reach back, but there would be nothing there, right?  Scorp would do it, and BAM, another quarter!  It’s like he had a fuckin’ bank back there!  Craziness…

  • Codster9

    Wasn’t it Moondog Rex?

  • Mr. McMahon

    I actually saw this person when I was in high school.  We had gotten free front row tickets somehow, and sat on our hands for most of the show. I distinctly remember a cameraman pointing the camera at us and motioning for us to act excited. After a few moments of apathy, he just shook his head and turned away.

    Man, that Steiners match was something else, though.  Those chair shots sounded just plain evil live.  Great match.

  • http://twitter.com/Dizzy_Hogan Matthew Smith

    I have that video and 2 of the matches are not on it