This is an idea myself and Audi the Webmaster have discussed for ages: A post with as many sightings and screencaps of Vladimir the Superfan as possible. If you’ve got any, send ’em in. I’m going to update this whenever possible.


Summerslam 1991

Raw 1993

Wrestlemania X

Wrestlemania XI

Survivor Series 1996

Royal Rumble 1997


Slamboree 1994


Thanks to…

Edwin Fuentes, Jack Coltman, Mike Geiler, KillRideMedley

  • this should be a segment in botchamania, maybe an intro of vladamir kozlofs music

  • Jerry Lawless

    Do more of these, maybe with that couple that wore neon green and pink dress shirts.

  • Vladamir and Fatih No More guy. That’s almost as good as the Halloween Havoc 92 with Vladamir, Hat Guy, and Kato.

    God I miss the ECW Superfans.

  • Guest

    closer to the action than ever, ringside at shotgun saturday night (1/18/97 from Texas, FNM guy offscreen to the right)

  • Tomas Germanovic

    I found one. How do I send it in?


    Thank you for making this. I’ve noticed this dude since I was a little kid watching my Wrestlemania 8 vhs dozens of times.  I’m watching the undertaker streak dvd and i’ve noticed him at least five times but WM14 in fact at 14 he’s on the screen throughout practically the whole match as he’s in view of the hard cam.

  • shin

    He was clearly seen at the 2006 One Night Stand PPV flipping off Cena when the latter was trying to throw his shirt into the crowd.